Thumbnail Blaster Review

Thumbnail Blaster Review
Why Are YouTube Thumb-nails So Important?

Thumbnail Blaster Review

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After going through the members area and training, I decided to download Thumbnail Blaster and actually use the software. There are a couple of things that I didn't like that I covered in this review below. If you purchased the software and have some issues, please send them to me so I can add them to my review.

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Welcome to my brand new Thumbnail Blaster Review and complete demo. In this review, I will show you the easiest way to make YouTube thumbnails that generate more views even if you know nothing about video marketing.

It doesn't really matter what niche or market you're in, YouTube thumbnails that draw your audience's eyes, always get the click. If you're really looking to take your video marketing to the next level, check out Blaster Suite's newest software Speechelo. Speechelo is an easy to use text to speech generator.

It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or seasoned pro, if your thumb-nails suck, no one isn't watching your video, no matter how good it is.

There is a reason that cereal comes in boxes. If the bags were just stacked on the shelf, would you still buy your favorite cereal? Probably not. The box draws your attention and creates an emotional attraction to you, and hence you buy it because of what's on the box because you subconsciously imagine that the great display outside the box is what's inside the box.

That's kind of how an awesome video placeholder works. People see this awesome YouTube thumbnail and before even watching your video, they already preconceived it as being a great video.

The same is also true when it comes to mediocre thumb-nails, no one searches YouTube hoping to find an okay video, do they? Do you? I didn't think so.

You want to start off by drawing your audience's attention to your videos or you might as well stop making them.

I did a search on YouTube for the “best ice cream maker” and the results are below.

YouTube Thumbnails blaster
YouTube Thumbnail Blaster Review

Which one did you like best? Personally, I liked the third one down. But think about… did you stop to read any of the titles or descriptions? Or did you just click on the video thumbnail that got your attention?

You see, that's why thumbnails are so important. Most people don't look anywhere else but at the thumbnails, after they click search. When you use Thumb-nail Blaster, you create thumbnails that instantly demands the full attention of your audience.

Easiest Way To Create YouTube Thumbnails

This is a demo of Thumb-nail Blaster by Blaster Suite which is responsible for creating some of the most intuitive video marketing software period.

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No need for any other Thumb-nail Blaster Reviews. As you can see, Thumb-nail Blaster is extremely simple to use and comes action pack with features that only Blaster Suite could provide.

The image above was made with another software. It took me 15 minutes to make it and it's really not that great. A more robust thumbnail would have only taken about 60 seconds using the Blaster tool.

What I like most about Thumbnail Blaster is the editing tool. It allows you to edit each element from premade templates. Every other tool forces you to piece each element together and the editing process takes forever.

I own every single tool from the Blaster Suite for good reason. They all work as advertised, they're quite easy to use, and they save you a ton of time. Unlike most developers, Blaster tools are constantly updated fixing any bugs or glitches in a timely manner.

Blastersuite Tools
Blaster Suite Tools

As you can see the theme of all of their software is the same, everything is related to video marketing or image marketing. No fly by night development, just intuitive software that works and saves you time and money.

Thumbnail Blaster – Why This Tool?

The answer's pretty simple. It works as advertised. This tool is completely brand new and there is nothing on the market like Thumbnail Blaster. You would have to piece together 3 tools just to come close and still fall short.

One of the best options is the upsell to the monthly template club. If you're naturally creative and creativity just flows off of you, then this might not be for you.

But if you have trouble creating things from scratch, then the Template Club is perfect for you. That upgrade is $27 per month and each month you get 20 brand new high-quality templates with your membership. All templates are easy to edit from the built-in editor provided with this software.

The only other upsell you need is Thumbnail Blaster Pro. It sucks how they limited the front end version, that's the only reason you need to upgrade to PRO for $47.

Thumbnail Blaster Pro –  you get to use multiple accounts, you get extended license support, image analysis, and most importantly, you get to save your own templates. If you're not planning to do any of that stuff then skip this upgrade as there's no other reason to get it.

The other 2 upgrades are not needed in my opinion. Upsell #2 is Agency Rights, which is not needed unless you're planning to sell your “thumbnails” or outsource your work. Skip this one unless you need it and save yourself $67.

Upsell number 4 is Lingo Blaster. This software is already part of the Blaster Suite and translates your video titles and descriptions into 100+ different languages. I never really saw the need for this software unless you're going to pay someone to translate your videos, what's the point. So I would pass on this upsell as well and save you $57.

Hopefully, I didn't waste your time and you now know how to make YouTube thumbnails quick and easy.

Review Conclusion

If you're looking for a YouTube Thumbnail maker or creator, you've found 1.

This software speaks for itself and delivers everything it promises. It has never been so easy to generate YouTube thumbnails in less time.

All you need is the front end version, the Thumbnail Blaster Pro upsell, and the Template Club. Everything else is unnecessary.

Thumbnail Blaster Bonuses

I have a special bonus package that I will provide when you get Thumbnail Blaster through my affiliate link below. Hopefully, I have time to add more custom bonuses to this page.

Thumbnail Blaster Bonuses
Thumbnail Blaster Bonuses

Thank you for reading my Thumbnail Blaster Review and bonus page. I hope I covered everything. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

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