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Hijax Review – Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Conversions

Hijax Review by: Stanford Pelage

Hijax Demo

Welcome to “you guessed it” Hijax Review. Hijax is a WordPress software created by Brett Retucky and his partner Michael Thomas. Both Brett and Mike are two 5 figure monthly earners.

Brett and Mike partnered up a few years ago and have been on fire when it comes to product creation and software creation. Brett has a solid software engineer background, so his software is always stable and he updates them regularly.

Great Plugin
Hijax Demo

Product Name: Hijax WordPress Plugin

Product Description: This WordPress plugin allows you to have a video overlay over any sales page of any product that you are promoting.

Price: $37

Currency: US Dollars

Availability: OnlineOnly


  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Product Creators
  • Concept
  • Concept Execution
  • Visuals
  • Money Back Guarantee

What Exactly Does This WordPress Plugin Do?

Hijax is a WordPress Plugin that helps you better your affiliate marketing conversions by producing a pop-up video overlay. This plugin also has a bar the is above the website with a countdown time.

Why is Any of This Useful?

“Hijax” main purpose is for affiliate marketing, let me explain;

Mike and Brett are both product creators and also affiliate marketers. Brett wanted a better solution for affiliate marketing. Why?

Hijax Review

Here is the main Problems with affiliate marketing;

  • Very low conversions
  • Direct linking conversions even lower
  • Bonus pages have a high bounce rate
  • Just too many clicks

So even if you didn’t feel all these problems existed, that’s okay. I know you do suffer from at least 1 or probably think that your conversion rate is great. Either way let’s agree on 1 thing, the closer you are to the sales page the better.

Here is the solutions delivered

  • WP Plugin will give you better conversions
  • Show your review, bonus, or both on sales page
  • Remind customers that they will get your bonus after check
  • Just 1 click to check and you get affiliate commissions for your referral

Main Features of Hijax Plugin

  • Creates video over the sales page
  • Pauses the sales video
  • Autoplay your bonus or review video
  • Displays countdown timer for scarcity
  • Creates a sense of urgency
  • Gives a customer piece of mind knowing they’ll get the bonuses
  • Creates less steps
  • No distraction
  • Simplicity
  • Better conversions
  • Peace of mind

Thank you guys for checking out my Hijax Review, don’t forget to claim your bonuses below.

Not completely sure how it looks on a mobile device though.

Hijax Bonuses – Email Me Your Receipt to Claim

25 WordPress Must-Have Plugins $375 Value
How to Rank YouTube Videos Training $250 Value
Jack Jacker Platinum $67 Value
ClickBank Mastery $175 Value
Amazon Success Blueprint $175 Value

Total Value of Bonus Package $1,042

Send an email to mr pelage @ gmail. com

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Hijax Review by: Stanford Pelage

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