SEO Rockstars 2019 – Buy Your Tickets Now!

SEO Rockstars 2019 – Tickets On Sale Soon

Welcome to Stanford Pelage Reviews. My name is… Stanford Pelage and I'm the sole contributor on this blog.

If you are familiar with SEO then you have heard of Dori Friend or at least the event she puts on every year, SEO Rockstars.

I will be attending this year as of now, hopefully, all goes well and I don't get caught up in personal matters.

Nonetheless, I will be purchasing the VIP ticket for sure. SEO Rockstars 2018 was an amazing event, there were so many great nuggets of info being dropped.

In my opinion, every speaker delivered an award-winning presentation.

I am extremely ecstatic about SEO Rockstars 2019 live event more than any other SEO conference in 2019.

One of my online mentors assured me that he will be there, so I will do everything I can to secure my VIP SEO Rockstars ticket and my seat at the big boys' table.

The main reason I want to get a VIP ticket is that a day before the actual event if you are a VIP ticket holder, you get to chat it up with people like SEO legend Jeff Lenney, who I have been looking forward to meeting for several years now.

Unfortunately, there is always a scheduling conflict. Hopefully, that is not the case this year, I'd be crushed.

If you've never attended an SEO conference or internet marketing conference, scrape every penny you got together, this will change your life! I guarantee it!

There is nothing better than meeting your mentors or people that changed your life financially, nothing better.

I will be updating this page once the tickets go live!!!

I'll see you soon. SEO Rockstars 2019 tickets on sale soon. I hope…

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Hi my name is Stanford Pelage. I've been doing online marketing for several years. I've taught a few students how to make over 60k-100k a year by just applying what I've learned without having to work for anyone else. If you're interested in quitting your 9 to 5, please just reach out to me and and I'll recommend the next best steps based on your life experiences. Please don't hesitate to take action, that's why I struggled when I first started. Always take notes by category so you have a refresher to what you've learned. Stick with it. Find 1 thing and stick with it. Trust me. Shiny objects will send you bankrupt. Focus and keep learning then give back when you succeed.

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