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  • Excellent Training
  • High quality training videos
  • Robby really breaks it down in easy to follow steps
  • Robby teaches you how to scale your campaigns to increase conversions
  • Robby really is the number 1 Clickbank affiliate
  • If you have the investment, Commission Hero is worth every penny


  • Cost of the course is $997
  • You need a decent budget to get started
  • Robby only teaches 1 traffic method, as an added bonus I'll show you how i generate traffic with ease
  • This bussiness model isn't for everyone, it might not be for you

Commission Hero Review

Commission Hero Review
Commission Hero Review

So Many People Fail At Affiliate Marketing and Media Buying. Robby Blanchard Successfully Dominates Both of These Areas Pretty Easily. Commission Hero is Responsible for Thousands of Success Stories. Do You Have What it Takes?

Commission Hero Review – Don't Waste Your Time

My name is Stanford Pelage, I'm a full-time online marketer, to find out more about me read the top right sidebar.

Before I walk you through the course, I want you to take a look at my review criteria below. Then right under that, I will cover exactly what this course is, who it's for, and if you should take everything Robby Blanchard says at face value. FYI I'm an affiliate, I get paid a commission for any sale generated from you clicking any links on this page. To bribe you for buying through my link, I'll provide some high-value bonuses.Commission Hero Review Income Proof

Commission Hero Review

Commission Hero Breakdown

Sales Page Hype
Product Creator
Startup Budget
Ease of Use
Quality of Training
Quality of Videos
Average Student Success
Real World Application
Refund Policy


After completely going through Commission Hero I came to the conclusion that all of Robby's Clickbank stats are real and he does make an average of $23,000 net profit a day from using Facebook marketing and Clickbank info products as an affiliate. He is also the #1 Clickbank affiliate marketer by gross profit, but not net profit.

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Here's The God Honest Truth, I'm a Screw-Up

Stanford Pelage Goodwill
Stanford Pelage Goodwill As A Store Manager

I had some success online back in the day. One of my good friends offered me my dream job and I decided to take it. Got to be a store manager again making $65,000 a year. Decent income… kind of.

Anyway, I completely abandoned my online business and slowly but surely all of my niche sites expired at GoDaddy along with any trace of my online income. Yes. All of my online success disappeared.

Funny thing is this wasn't too long ago, this was just 2015.

At this point, I was just living off of my salary, which quickly became a problem. If I'm being completely honest, I have a problem with money.

I'm very impulsive and if I want it I buy it without any thought. I also enjoyed drinking and would run up $130 tabs on a daily basis. This is extremely important to understand my mindset.

I have a family, wife and 2 kids, but was acting like a single college student.

Long story short, I got stressed out and decided to quit my job of guaranteed income to pursue online marketing yet again and rebuild my so-called empire.

That wasn't my best idea and my wife continuously reminded me of it, while completely supporting me and giving me an allowance like one of her children. She even gave me gas money to pick up the kids from school. Still stings a bit thinking about it.

This was an extremely embarrassing time for me. I would constantly have to ask her for money so my website hosting would be paid every month.

Was a stay at home dad by my own failures and was so depressed I even thought about begging for my old job back. But I quit in style and burnt those bridges and ruined that friendship with my friend.

Some of my biggest financial successes came from reviewing internet marketing training courses.

It wasn't very long before I started making a few hundred bucks here and there, but never anything substantial. I would pretty much just go through any product just to get a commission. Mostly did YouTube videos because it was the easiest to rank.

Then eventually I got frustrated by going through all these crap courses that promised riches, but the only person getting rich was the product creators. So how does this tie in with my Commission Hero?

Fast forward to now, the biggest change is I am no longer getting “review copies” or recommending products for a commission. I purchase the product, go through it thoroughly, and implement what I learned into the real world.

It wasn't until early 2017 that I started to see consistent results in affiliate marketing for the second time. So you see, I had my own struggles. To be honest, that's probably why I wanted to make this review  . Give you a different perspective.

Real-World Application is extremely important to me. If there isn't a way for you as an average person to generate income from Commission Hero, I wouldn't waste my time promoting it.

I apologize for the long intro, but it was extremely important for me to be upfront and transparent with you. I see so many reviews that still remind me of my past self, you can see they're just trying to make a buck.

I genuinely want to see people succeed, and I want to be a part of their success, part of your success.

It's important that you know that I understand what it's like to fail. It's important that you understand that I didn't see proper success until I started to be honest about what the product really was. It's important to know that I truly have your best interest in mind.

I am one of the biggest screw-ups, I just am. Still bad with money and still impulsive, but I make enough now to cover my shortcomings.

If I could find success, I truly believe anyone can. You just have to find the right info and apply it.

Commission Hero Review – Case Study – My Earnings

Commission Hero FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about Commission Hero
FAQs Answer
Product Name Commission Hero
Product Creator Robby Blanchard
Product Price $997
Launch Date March 24th, 2019
Budget Needed $100-$250
Refund Policy There is a 12 month Success Policy No Refund request under 12 months
Training Genre Affiliate Marketing using Facebook Ads for Traffic
Creator Credibility One of my Mentors Wesley Virgin credits Robby for helping him grow his company
Experience Level Intermediate to Advance. When it comes to paid traffic I always recommend some ad spend knowledge
Support I requested support and was contacted in 4 hours with a response

Who is Robby Blanchard and Can He Help You?

Being completely transparent, I've never heard of Robby before. First time I saw his name was about a few months ago. I'm not going to tell you Commission Hero changed my life and you should go buy it, because that's not the case.

There I was scrolling Facebook watching stupid videos and out of nowhere an ad! But seriously, that's how I heard about Robby Blanchard. Kind of lame right?

Anyway, I watched his ad and saw his claims about making $40,000 a day with Clickbank and I was a lot like you, very skeptical.

But, I was also intrigued. I decided I'd sign up for his live webinar and call him out on his bs. I was very disappointed when I got this live webinar. First of all, it wasn't live at all. Just another marketer using Webinar Jam's pre-recorded video platform. I was ready to conclude my review right there.

Just so you know, Webinar Jam is a software that streams your already made videos to make it look like it's live. But obviously, that's not the case. This guy wasn't giving me any reasons to trust him.

Nonetheless, I stayed and watch his pre-recorded video.

After about 15 minutes I found myself getting sucked in. One thing about Robby, he's a smooth talker and understands the pressure points to make the sale.

As Robby started to share his Clickbank earnings, I watched very carefully as you can easily fake those screenshots. Unfortunately quite a few marketers do it to generate more sales.

As the fake webinar went on, I got more and more interested in what Robby had to offer. You can only fake the screenshots, however, you can't fake a video. Robby actually refreshed the page a few times to prove that what my eyes saw was real.

But I just didn't believe it. How can someone be the number 1 Clickbank affiliate in the world and not once have I heard about him by anyone? How? How could that be?

Still stunned in disbelief. I continued to watch the video to the very end. Now, as you may know, the majority of internet marketers use a free offer to bribe you with because they know a certain percentage of their traffic will convert to sales after watching the free training.

I did not. I was expecting an offer and it came and I decided to do some research, kind of like what you're doing now. Good for you.

Here's a video of his account from his phone. From my knowledge, this is impossible to fake.

Commission Hero – What's Inside The Actual Course

From here on, I'll just be walking you through Commission Hero member's area and training material. I will share just enough to help you understand if this training is right for you or not.

Members Area

Commission Hero Review 3

This is the main menu for the complete member's area training. I'll try my best to cover ever tab without giving away too much. But again I will be as transparent as possible.

My biggest issue with Commission Hero is I'm cheap. I hate to spend money, especially in ads. If you're like me and hate spending money on ads, then this course is definitely NOT for you.

If you can get over the ad spend portion, then you shouldn't have an issue making $1,000 a day with this strategy.

Commission Hero Module Breakdown

Robby Blanchard Commission Hero Review
Robby Blanchard Commission Hero Review

Start Here

This is just the welcome video and a course overview.

Getting Started Videos

In this tab, Robby covers getting started with affiliate marketing, an overview of an ad account.

How to use ClickFunnels to create your landing pages because Facebook doesn't like it when you send traffic directly to sales pages.

How to use and navigate Clickbank. The account in this video is a pretty small account generating anywhere from $40 to $250 a day. Weekly earnings are less than $500 per week for this account.

The previous month he did over $6,000 in this Clickbank account which is impressive in itself. I love the walk thru of this video and his strategies to pick the right offer. Sorry, you'll have to check that out in the member's area.

In the last video in the getting started section, he covers an affiliate network that I knew nothing about. He has a campaign where he made over $400,000 from one product. Incredible! He goes over this marketplace in detail and compares it to Clickbank and some features that Clickbank does offer.

Robby also recommended a few products you can get started with right away.

Choosing The Right Offer

In this module, Robby walks you through finding the right offer and this time it's a newer account that did over $600 the previous month. He walks you through setting up a brand new account.

In the next video, Robby walks you through picking an offer and navigating the affiliate pages for the ad demographics on Clickbank.

Robby introduces us to yet another platform that I will keep confidential. It pays out pretty quickly and the dashboard is very intuitive, and you get an account manager you can contact which helps you with what offers are converting and what's not.

This is more of a CPA basis, just means it's the cost per action rather than getting paid per sale. You could always go my route and make a review and send traffic to it.

Finding Your Ad Images

This step is very important as this is how you get people to click thru to your offers. The goal is a click-thru rate or ctr of at least 8% or higher.

Robby shows another one of his Clickbank accounts. This one is a newer account that did a little over $3,000 as the worse week and $30,000 as the best week in sales. Very impressive.

Later on in the video, Robby shows his exact process for outsourcing the creation of his images and one of his favorite sellers. I'll keep this site confidential. Sorry.

Setting Up A Landing Page

The science behind using a landing page and presell page to take your audience from browsing mode to buyer mode.

Also, this step is extremely important in avoiding your Facebook account getting shut down.

As a bonus Robby provides all of his landing pages and quizzes, you have to have Clickfunnels to use them, but that's an easy fix, get ClickFunnels.

Recently I reviewed software that is better than ClickFunnels, check out my GroovePages review here.

Setting your domain with ClickFunnels' complete walk-thru.

I was shocked because he actually showed you several of the domains that he already purchased. I personally wouldn't have.

The last video in this module is about setting up your affiliate link from ClickBank over at ClickFunnels. It's a pretty easy process. He shows you the best places to put your affiliate links for click-thru rate. Use tracking ids on ClickBank to track where the sales are coming from.

Setting Up Facebook

The first step is creating your business manager accounts.

It's extremely imperative that you use a business manager account instead of a personal account. In the event that you use a personal account, it's possible to lose your personal profile if your ad account is suspended.

Robby takes you through an in-depth setup process of your first Facebook ad and how to select your audience and creating a pixel. Very detailed video module.

You get an inside look at an ad account that he's spent over $500,000 in. Really gives you an inside look.

Setting Up Facebook Pixel

Pretty simple process but there are a couple of videos in this module. How to set up your Facebook Pixel properly for tracking and following your audience as long as they're logged in to Facebook.

Tracking Your Campaign

How to track your campaign and landing pages for conversions.


How to scale up your business and campaigns.

Ninja Tactics

Confidential module. You have to sign up to see it.


All of his million-dollar ad copy and landing pages, and then some.

How To Tech Area

Just a simple video to help with some technical aspects of using the bonuses

Help Me, Robby

This is the final module. This is where you can get some 1 on 1 help from Robby. You can schedule a call with Robby for an hour. This will cost you. But if you're in need and got the cash, go for it.


Commission Hero Review 3


Commission Hero Conclusion

That's all folks. This concludes my review and a complete course overview. If you guys have any questions that I didn't cover, please don't hesitate to leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

So just to summarize, Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard is a high-end Facebook advertising course that targets products on ClickBank and similar platforms to sell on social media ads using ClickFunnels as a landing page.”

Once you have successful ads, Robby shows you how to scale pretty easily. The hardest part is setting up a profitable ad. The good news is Robby teaches you every step of the process step by step.

The only downside I see is the timeline to profitability. All that depends on you taking action and what offers you've selected.

Again, this Commission Hero isn't for everyone. But if you do choose to invest in this course, you have to take action.

If you've purchased a course before and never went through them, then please just avoid this course. Commission Hero is for people that have a decent ad budget and won't be discouraged by a few failed campaigns.

Now I really appreciate you checking out my review, you have all the information you need to make an educated decision. Just remember… buying the course is the easy part. Actually implementing it and sticking with it will take time patience and a decent size budget. Anywhere from $50 a day and up.

The choice is yours.

About Stanford Pelage

Hi my name is Stanford Pelage. I've been doing online marketing for several years. I've taught a few students how to make over 60k-100k a year by just applying what I've learned without having to work for anyone else. If you're interested in quitting your 9 to 5, please just reach out to me and and I'll recommend the next best steps based on your life experiences. Please don't hesitate to take action, that's why I struggled when I first started. Always take notes by category so you have a refresher to what you've learned. Stick with it. Find 1 thing and stick with it. Trust me. Shiny objects will send you bankrupt. Focus and keep learning then give back when you succeed.

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