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  • Easy to use
  • Quality training
  • The cost is amazingly cheap. Use coupon code WEDNESDAY to pay $16
  • No other software suite like it
  • Utilizes YouTube for easy traffic
  • Done for you option in upsell


  • No training to rank videos
  • No training to rank blog but I provide training as an added bonus to rank your blogs and videos
  • It's not as cut and dry as the sales video makes it seem. You'll have to put in some serious work to make serious money

AI Affiliate Bots Review and Bonus Page

Welcome to Stanford Pelage Reviews, I am your host, Stanford Pelage.

Today I will walk you through AI Affiliate Bot software and system to break down exactly what it is and how to make money using this software. Blaster Suite just reached a brand new software that uses artificial intelligence text to speech engine that would really compliment this software.

What is AI Affiliate Bots?

ai affiliate bots review
AI Affiliate Bot Review

AI Affiliate Bots is a software suite of 5 tools catered to making you money using the Amazon affiliate program and YouTube videos.

This has been done before, but what makes it different is the 5 tools that you get to help you accomplish creating this set and forget affiliate business.

Here is the breakdown of Affiliate Bots software suite;

  • Zen Niches Database 1 Click database pre-loaded with 100 Amazon niches (monthly searches, Cost Per Click  and average Amazon $ earnings)
  • Zen Affiliate Builder Instantly create Amazon reviews with built-in “article spinner” and drag and drop technology
  • Zen Feeder Constant FEED of the top-converting, high-commission Amazon products – updated daily for dozens of niches
  • Zen Video Creator CREATES AMAZON VIDEOS IN 1 CLICK for any product or niche in SECONDS (seriously – sign up for the demo!)
  • Zen e-commerce/Amazon Website Theme WordPress “Amazon product review” theme which auto-imports products and creates review pages in seconds!
  • Plus we have 3 “four-figure marketing” methods, which will “tie it all together” for customers

This is the main version of AI Affiliate Bot, I will also break down the otos and provide some awesome bonuses to help you succeed with your first Amazon site.

How Does AI Affiliate Bots Work?

AI Affiliate Bots Tools and Price Breakdown

AI Affiliate Bots Review
AI Affiliate Bot Review

Frontend version AI Affiliate Bot – Includes 5 software tools I listed above, with a 30-page quick start guide with HD in-depth training videos.

The Frontend price is $32 but you can get it for $16 with my coupon code MONDAY

Oto 1 AI Affiliate Bot Diamond $37

This just upgrades the limits of the software tools. For example, the Zen Video Creator Pro has an extra 30 professional animations.

Zen Affiliate Pro has 100 proven products that convert and actually make money.

You also get a powerful advanced video series.

Oto 2 AI AffiliateBot Done For You $67

You get to start off with 100s of done-for-you campaigns to take the guesswork of out getting started.

Oto3 AI Affiliate Bot Pro $27 Per Month

This upsell is a must-have in my opinion if you're planning to give affiliate marketing a real go.

In this upsell you get access to 30 software tools from all the previous launches of the Titan brand.

Most importantly, you get tools for resell rights to help with bonuses. You get video training, affiliate marketing training, even website building software and so much more.

Oto 4 AI AffiliateBot Extreme $97

You get the Day Job Killer system which sold for $497. This system teaches you how to be an info product vendor, the raining includes 50 videos and 8 additional software tools.

AI Affiliate Bots Review Conclusion and Recommendations

Thank you for checking out my review and breakdown of AI Affiliate Bots.

In this section, I will give my recommendations on what you should get and what’s unnecessary.

To be completely honest, I usually advise people to avoid getting trapped in the sales funnel, but these products actually have some good offerings.

I would suggest that you upgrade to Diamond for the additional animations and the 100 pre-loaded products to help you get started sooner than later.

I’m a little iffy about the done-for-you campaigns. Judging from the software, the campaigns seem pretty easy to set up. But if you’re lazy like me, and need an extra push, by all means, get it. But I’d say pass.

Upsell 3 Affiliate Bot Pro, here’s the thing, if you are just getting started and don’t do affiliate marketing, then you might need or see the value here.

But if you plan on building a business aside from what AI Affiliate Bot training teach, then this upsell is for you. If you just want to stick to the training I would say pass. But check out the Titan brand of software tools and see for yourself if there is anything you like, as you 30 tools that are already established.

Upsell 4 Extreme Unless you’re a vendor or aspiring to be a digital product vendor, then this course is pointless. I purchased Day Job Killer a few years back when it was $497.

There are solid training videos in the members’ area, but unless you’re actually planning on building a product and selling it online, I say hard pass on this upsell.

When it comes to this sales funnel, I would say get upsell 1 and maybe upsell 2. I honestly don’t see any other value in upsell 3 and 4 unless you want to be a vendor.

I would say for now just focus on the training and getting a return on investment back from AI Affiliate Bots sooner than later.

AI Affiliate Bots Bonuses – Take The Bribe

So this is where I offer you bribes to buy through my affiliate link so I can earn a commission.

I hope my review was informative enough for you to make an educated buying decision.

To claim my bonuses, just email me at mr stanp @ just remove the spaces.

Send me an email with the Subject Line I BOUGHT AI AFFILIATE BOTS FROM YOU and I’ll have the bonuses to you in less than 24 hours.

Thank you for checking out my AI Affiliate Bonuses and review page.

My exclusive bonus will be to show you how to get your videos and website on the front page of Google again and again. I feel that’s better than a bunch of useless courses and wp plugins. Right?

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