Lifetime.Chat Review The Easiest To Use Live Support WP Plugin

Lifetime.Chat Review 24 Hour Chat Support WP Plugin

Welcome to my Lifetime.Chat Review, my name is Stan. In this review we will be covering the brand new Lifetime Chat plugin.

Generally, Live Chat is an expensive recurring business tool where you pay per agent per month. This is the only Live Chat service where you one time and have no recurring fees.
Lifetime.Chat allows you to have real-time conversations with your customers. It allows your customers to contact you instantly and communicate in real time.

Sure, so does phone support; but can your phone support do this? Handle up to 6 customers simultaneously per support agent? See who is on your website, where they're from, what pages they've visited? Know if this is their first visit or how often they've returned? Have detailed information of how often they've communicated with your team before, as well as transcripts of past discussions? Let you reach out proactively to a customer that's been on your page for x minutes and offer them help? 

So just a few more things I would like to cover, like with any chat app or plugin, it's manned by you. The biggest downside would be your time. If you have a huge website or several website, I would suggest hiring a virtual assistant, if not you'll spend most of your time answering questions rather than building your business. Don't forget to checkout the bonuses below. I was so excited to see all the features of Lifetime Chat incorporated into 1 plugin.

Lifetime.Chat eliminates the need for additional support plugins and offer everything in the dashboard. Get Lifetime.Chat now and claim your bonuses.

Lifetime.Chat Bonuses

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Lifetime.Chat Review The Easiest To Use Live Support WP Plugin 2

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