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GroovePages Review


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  • Lifetime Access During Launch
  • Easy to use
  • One of a kind Page and Funnel Builder
  • No need for WordPress, But Still Very SEO Friendly
  • Best Page Builder outside of WordPress
  • New Features Will constantly get added
  • This is the ground floor, GroovePages will only get better
  • Unlike every other page builder and funnel builders, GroovePages also build websites


  • Can't process payments, but the feature will be added next year
  • After Launch Special, Price goes up to $199 Per Month
  • $497 might be a little steep for some, but you do get lifetime access which pays for itself in the long run
  • No Agency license, you can only use GroovePages on sites that you own

GroovePages Review

Groovepages Review

Why Every Business Needs GroovePages!
Lifetime Access No Monthly Fees Launch Special

Welcome to my GroovePages Review, my name is Stanford Pelage and I'm a full-time marketer online.

I've been using ClickFunnels for my local lead gen and SEO business for the last 4 years. The biggest problem with ClickFunnels is, the easy templates are too simple and don't convert well, and the complex templates are just that, too complex. Currently, GroovePages is FREE for life with the 3 site license. It comes with GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate. I cover in great detail in the updated version at the bottom of this Groovepages review.


LeadPages and similar services have the same problem, too complicated to use and they're extremely expensive on a monthly basis.

If you have a local business like I do or an online business, then you probably already know exactly how expensive a collection of tools can be.

I try to find tools that I can use continuously for a 1-time price.


GrooveFunnels Demo and Walk-Through


This is what makes this worth every penny during the launch. You get all the features of tools like ClickFunnels and LeadPages to capture leads and showcase sales pages.

Here's the thing, after the 2-week launch is over, GroovePages will be a minimum of $199 per month.

This is why this one time deal for $1699 for lifetime access is such a steal.

You would need to purchase several products just to cover some of the basic GrooveFunnels tools.

The creators of GroovePages have never abandoned any software they created.

Lifetime access is definitely giving you a minimum of 10 years in comparison to their other ongoing software applications.

GroovePages 2.0 as this is technically the 2nd version, hasn't been released to the public. But you can sign up as a backer and get all the features during the pre-launch.

To see a complete demo of GroovePages in action, Visit the Sales Page Here for more info.

GroovePages Bonuses

So… When you get Groove Pages through my link, I will be offering PERSONAL COACHING to help you set up your first high converting funnel, and show you personally how to search engine optimize your website properly to achieve high Google rankings.

Building a funnel isn't enough, if you don't have any traffic, then it's completely pointless.

Let me help you optimize your business to convert.

Just message me on Facebook with your receipt of purchase and we'll set up a coaching time convenient for all parties. Or you can use the sidebar on the right-hand side of this post to message me as well, whichever is easier.

Thank you for checking out my Groovepages review.

Updated 12/22/20

GrooveFunnels Review

In this Section, I'll Cover The Major Updates in the GrooveDigital Brand and Additional Software Added Since My Review

Get GrooveSell Along With GroovePages Here Free For Now

This is a continuation of my original review. Going forward, I will be talking more about GrooveFunnels and GrooveSell as these are the basis of the Groove tools. If you purchased during the backer launch and upgraded to future products, you should have access to all the future Groove products.

GrooveFunnels Review
GrooveFunnels Review

Mike Filesaime, the creator of GrooveDigital has added several new tools and will continue to add many more tools to the GrooveDigital suite. Here's what's available as of July 2020 and what will be available in 2021.


GroovePages which I covered at the top of the page is a page builder with an easy drag and drop interface. Groovepages enables you to build out funnels and landing pages in just a few minutes.

GrooveSell is a platform that allows you to sell your digital products and recruit affiliates all from the GrooveDigital dashboard. You can even implement the Groove Marketplace and really skyrocket your business. GrooveSell comes with several tops of line features and strong outshines Kartra which is also created by the GrooveDigital team.

GrooveMail is unlike any other email marketing software. No need for expensive fees or long complicated setup processes. GrooveMail makes it's extremely easy to set up and manage all of your email lists and campaigns. Migrating a list is also pretty simple.

GrooveMember is brilliant software for creating membership sites for recurring income. Combining GrooveMember and GrooveSell, you can really do some damage. To top it off, you'll also have GroovePages to create stunning and high converting sales pages. GrooveVideo will also come in handy in building a membership site.

GrooveVideo is easy to use a video platform like Wistia, but with GrooveVideo you get full control and really great customization features and branding.

GrooveDigital Software
GrooveDigital Software

GrooveKart is a brand new software and advanced shopping cart. Kartra was what the GrooveDigital team had before GrooveKart. Kartra is still available separately, but GrooveKart is definitely a lot better and easier to use. Some of the features of GrooveKart include pre-transaction upsells, related items pre and post-checkout, scarcity, order bumps, and more advanced shopping cart features. You can also integrate GroovePay for easy merchant options.

ReviewTrust is a powerful cloud-based platform that allows anyone to collect and display real reviews and testimonials by simply pasting one line of code on to your website. ReviewTrust automates the entire process for you and makes it very easy to display your reviews and testimonials.

WebinarGroove is not released as of yet. I think it would be safe to assume that it's going to top WebinarJam which is one of Mike Filsaime's older products, it's still supported.

LayerApp hasn't been released yet and is still in development. You will be able to customize prints on pretty much anything. it's a completely free web page builder. It's mostly just the GrooveSell free version and I don't believe it's a separate product. So it would be the Groove Pages Free builder 3 site license.

GrooveDigital Services
GrooveDigital Services

GroovePay is easy to use and easily integrates with all of the Groove Suite. GroovePay uses CBD processing for your merchant account. It's very self-explanatory. If you're not familiar with these terminologies, then you probably don't need GroovePay.

GrooveAcademy is a complete training portal for every single Groove tool in the GrooveVerse. All of the tutorials are broken down by tools and are in full HD videos.

GrooveKon is pretty much a seminar with like-minded business owners. I would assume this will be similar to the ClickFunnels type of gathering where you get rewarded for surpassing certain monetary thresholds.

My apologies for being so vague about some of the upcoming software, it's impossible for me to share info before they are released to the public.

For now, I'll keep updating this Review until all the other products are updated and released. Hopefully, you can go and check out the GroovePages free version and utilize your 3 site license. Also, you'll get GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate completely free for life. I'll continue to update this GrooveFunnels Review over time as new software get's released. Thank you for checking out my Groovepages Review.

Get GrooveFunnels Along With GroovePages Here Free For Now

About Stanford Pelage

Hi my name is Stanford Pelage. I've been doing online marketing for several years. I've taught a few students how to make over 60k-100k a year by just applying what I've learned without having to work for anyone else. If you're interested in quitting your 9 to 5, please just reach out to me and and I'll recommend the next best steps based on your life experiences. Please don't hesitate to take action, that's why I struggled when I first started. Always take notes by category so you have a refresher to what you've learned. Stick with it. Find 1 thing and stick with it. Trust me. Shiny objects will send you bankrupt. Focus and keep learning then give back when you succeed.