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Welcome to My Textly Review
This Software was Created by Brett Rutecky and Mike From Maine
Send mass texts from your WordPress site with no monthly fee.
So easy to use there is ZERO setup!

Textly is a WordPress plugin that gives you the biggest edge over your competition. With Textly, you can send mass text messages from your self hosted WordPress website using an easy to use and stall wp plugin.

There is really not much to it, it’s really that simple. This Textly Review will be short and sweet, like your setup time.

Here is how the pricing of Textly WordPress plugin is broken down.

Textly Review - Sending Mass Text Messages
Textly Review – Sending Mass Text Messages

Testly Review WordPress Plugin

The main version of the plugin is $24.94.

The only limitation is the number of subscribers you can have.

The first upsell is Textly Pro, which is a one-time payment of $67.

This upsell gives you commercial rights meaning you can sell this service to your customers. The pro version ups your max subscribers from 500 to unlimited. So if you’re actually trying to make this a service for your agency, then this upgrade is a must.

The 2nd and final upgrade is Textly agency license one-time payment of $97.

The agency license gives you the rights to sell Textly as your own software and keep 100%of the commission.

I would say hard pass on this unless you are trying to build a business as a software or digital product vendor. If not just stick with the main WordPress plugin and the first Textly upgrade to pro and you’ll be set.

Brett took a look at all the other sms software on the market…

Textly SMS Solution

Check Out These Awesome Textly Bonuses!

Textly Bonuses
Textly Bonuses
Super Affiliate System Review – #1 Reason Affiliate Marketers Fail, 10 Jul 2019 08:40:33 +0000 to My Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review and Coaching Bonus Page – Who is John Crestani

Welcome to Stanford Pelage Reviews, I am your host and owner of this review site, my name is Stanford Pelage.

If this is your first time visiting my blog, I do things a little differently. First I’ll cover the courses members area and study materials, then I’ll show you my own results applying what John Crestani teaches inside of Super Affiliate System 3.0 or 2.0 as most likely it will be updated by the time you see this review.

Just to be clear, it doesn’t matter if you use the original IM Jetset or Super Affiliate System 3.0, the results are the same.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Super Affiliate System 3.0 ReviewThere is no greater joy in my life than teaching. I have 2 boys and they bring me so much joy watching them grow and become young men. I love watching them develop their potential into physical action.

I put the same love and effort into online marketing and my coaching sessions. Anyone that has ever had the privilege to work with me one on one can attest to that.

This isn’t a hobby for me, this is my life on a day to day basis. I do this day in and day out. I have several other websites in different niches that rely solely on search engine traffic.

Every one of my established websites generates a full-time income on their own. Averaging anywhere from $40k per year for a single site. I’m not bragging or trying to impress you, I just want to impress upon you the value that I bring to the table.

Just to be clear, not every one of my websites does those kinds of numbers, just the sites that are established and run on auto-pilot. As an added bonus, I will be working on a series where I take one of my websites from 0-$100k a year showing you step by step with periodic updates.

I have a coaching student making $10k a month in residual income. He’s actually made quite a name for himself online. He’s even on the sales page for the 2.0 version. I can’t stress how big of a deal that is to me.

I love teaching and coaching, watching him blossom into the powerhouse marketer that he is has brought me so much joy and pride.

He’s financially independent and has even gone on to create courses of his own teaching 1000’s of people to make money from home.

The internet lifestyle you desire, it doesn’t have to be a dream. All you have to do to succeed is STOP listening to the wrong people, and take action. Now that you know I’m someone you can trust, let’s get into exactly what the SAS is all about.

SAS Review – Who is it for?

John Crestani and I share the same mentor. Our mentor was the creator of the Rich Jerk training. I am actually on the sales page giving my testimonial for my success.

That’s it. That is the only connection John and I share. He has totally eclipsed me online as an internet marketer. To be honest, I couldn’t carry his lunch. John even has his own affiliate network Nutryst which recently merged with Affiliate Crossing. You will hear more about Nutryst inside the members’ area.

nutryst and affiliate crossing

John has had tremendous success with paid advertising for several years, way before he created the IM Jetset. When it comes to Facebook advertising, there is only one other person that comes close, that’s Robby Blanchard. Robby only teaches Facebook ads, John also teaches YouTube and native ads for multiple traffic sources.

The Super Affiliate System 3.0 is an affiliate marketing training course designed to take you from clueless or familiar to advanced and 6 figures a year.

This system is designed to turn anyone making 0-$25k a year into 6 to 7 figure earners. It’s as simple as that. Now, none of that comes cheap.

The course is $997 for admission. Then you have to factor in the cost of advertising, a website domain, and hosting.

When getting started with the Super Affiliate System, I would say you need $997 for the course + at least $1000 for paid advertising.

You could probably get away with spending just $500 on ads, but I would suggest having a decent size ad budget. Obviously, if you’re strapped for cash or looking for a way to make some quick cash to pay your car note or mortgage, this isn’t it.

By the time you get through all the training material and set up your first campaign, your car would have been repossessed. Now, that’s not a bad thing, sucks about your car… but this system is designed to build a real business, it is not a get rich quick scheme.

The only people getting rich quick in this scenario is Facebook and YouTube.

You have to have time and money to make this system and course work for you. It’s that plain and simple.

I know you see all these videos with internet millionaires saying 3 clicks this 5 clicks that. That shit does not work! Trust me! I’ve bought over $100k in courses and reviewed over $1mm in courses. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Thank you for checking out my Super Affiliate System Review.

Anyone that promises you huge amounts of cash with no system, is a scam artist. Their only system is taking your money while giving you no value.

Enough front talk, let’s get into the course materials already.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 Members’ Area Overview

When you log into the members’ area, you’re greeted with the course overview.Super Affiliate System Review In the top menu, you want to click “The Course” and that will take you to the actual course modules.

Super Affiliate System Members Area

This is where you either continue or start your affiliate marketing journey online.

John Crestani welcomes you to the course and congratulates you for actually taking action. This module is one of my favorites. Most online courses have a welcome video to help convince you from refunding lol.

John has gone through all the trouble to create an entire welcome module, which is pretty impressive. Not the thought but the actual module.

This is one of my favorite modules. Most people who buy courses usually have some kind of online marketing familiarity. If I wasn’t writing this review, I would normally skip this module.

DON’T. It’s really that important. I also think that John has it set up so you can’t skip it. But the Welcome Module gives you the tools to properly navigate the members’ area and how to approach the course materials effectively.

The Super Affiliate System consists of 6 core modules. It’s broken down week by week with a total of 6 weeks. By week 1, you should have your first income stream set up and have the potential to earn just by completing the week 1 module.

I can’t stress just how important the Welcome Module is. It’s imperative that you go through it and take notes. John breaks down exactly what the course is about, how to navigate it, and what you learn in each module.

Just to be clear, every module is a week long. So in theory, this system should take you a minimum of 6 weeks to complete.

Going forward, we’ll be calling the 6 week Super Affiliate System SAS for short.

I will be breaking down SAS 3.0 week by week and sharing screenshots were possible while trying to respect what John has built and not share too much sensitive information. Too much being the emphasis.

Just recap, SAS is an affiliate marketing course that focuses on paid traffic from sources like Facebook ads, YouTube ads and native ads which are usually found on high traffic websites along with celebrity type blog post. Native ads are designed to fit right into the content look like part of the blog post rather than an ad.

I would also like to clarify that if you purchase SAS from this blog that I will receive a commission for referring you, so I will make this review as clear and straightforward as possible.

SAS Week 1

Review in progress…

Eclipse Review – Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace – New Method, 09 Jul 2019 06:06:09 +0000 Review [BRAND NEW METHOD] SHOWS COMPLETE NEWBIES

Welcome to Stanford Pelage Reviews where all the reviews are genuine and to the point. My name is Stanford, and I’ll be your host.

What is the Eclipse Method by Jono and Brendan?

The Eclipse method was created by Jono Armstrong, I had a similar version that I used a few years back, but Jono has perfected it and done it all without an email list, a website, or an established social account.

The Eclipse system works like this, every time there is an info product launch, everyone including the “gurus” sends massive traffic to their videos or blogs.

With Jono’s system, he capitalizes on that buyer traffic by getting in front of the customers and providing a quality review video that showcases the product that everyone is searching for.

It’s a lot less complicated than it seems. I have a way of making things seem more complicated than they are, bare with me, please.

Eclipse method is actually pretty simple. Using YouTube as the main traffic source, you can get in front of any video and display your video as an ad and hijack everyone’s traffic.

No need to get overwhelmed, Jono has perfected this system and Eclipse is virtually a no-fail system. Besides, you can get traffic from YouTube for like $5.

The best part is, it’s very targeted so the conversions are a lot higher.

I know, YouTube ads can be extremely annoying and intrusive, but if you see an ad for a product or system that you’re actively searching for, it kind of just fits in, doesn’t it?

Jono has perfected this system and created a course showing you exactly how he was able to make $500-$1000 a day in affiliate commissions, hijacking traffic from everyone. Now he does over $100k per month. Crazy right?

Eclipse Review - Jono Armstrong
Eclipse Review – Jono Armstrong

Who is The Eclipse Method For?

I want to be perfectly clear, the Eclipse Method isn’t for everyone. To be completely honest, it might not be for you.

If you are down to your last $25, then this system is definitely not for you.

One of my biggest shortcomings when I first got started online was not building an email list. This is your biggest asset online.

Jono has a few workarounds, and it’s fine when you first get started, but I would highly recommend that you sign up to all of the trial offers Jono recommends in the recommended tools video.

The biggest drawback if you’re strapped for cash is, you’ll continue to be strapped for cash.

This isn’t an end all system. It is very possible that you could make money in a few hours from now, but that isn’t the ideal scenario. Sorry to burst your bubble.

If you have a bank account under $100, then the Eclipse system isn’t for you.

This system is for action takers only. If you bought a few other affiliate marketing products this month and haven’t gone through them, please go away, this system isn’t for you.

Jono shows you free methods to get started right away, but those are only temporary solutions. Within 2 weeks you’ll have to have some kind of money to pay for all of the trial offers you signed up for.

The odds are against you. I was in a similar situation when I first started. I made sales and was so excited. The sad part was I didn’t realize that most vendors don’t pay new affiliates until 30 to 60 days after the sale to cover refunds.

Don’t get me wrong, The Eclipse Method is an amazing system, but let’s call a spade a spade. If you don’t a have a little bit of cash lying around, please… save your money and wait until you have at least $100 to $150 a week to invest in the Eclipse Method.

My biggest concern is your monthly YouTube ad spend. You can $50 on YouTube and make bank, but that’s only 1 to 2 videos for an extremely targeted keyword.

Jono spent a little under $250 on a campaign and made out like a bandit. But Jono has made a name for himself, nobody knows who you are.

I would say the ideal budget for the recommended tools and ad spend would be at least $100 to $150 a month, minimum. Can you succeed with less? You can, but if you intend to build a business, then start off strong with a solid plan and stable financial backing, don’t start off hoping.

Eclipse Method Review – Members’ Area Breakdown

Eclipse Members Area Overview
Eclipse Members Area Overview

In the members’ area, there is a total of 10 HD videos.

The first 3 videos are the Welcome video, The Eclipse Method Overview, and the recommended tools with the free for now options.

Inside the training modules, there are 6 training videos.

The first training module “easy” covers the Clickbank marketplace. How to search and find profitable products, what metrics to use in your product selection, and how to get the promotional materials for YouTube.

This video is a little over 30 minutes long. Very in-depth product selection.

About halfway through this video, Jono goes into great detail about how to set up your ad and what he recommends as a daily budget to actually get your video ads shown.

Jono then continues to show you how to select your audience, and control your ad spend so you don’t target the same people over and over again.

This video by itself is definitely worth the cost of admission for The Eclipse Method.

Just a recap, training video 1 covers evergreen products. That just means that they will continue to generate searches and YouTube traffic.

This is why it is imperative that you get set up with an autoresponder and collect leads. Rule of thumb, if you’re spending money on traffic, collect leads.

The second training module – “intermediate” covers launch jacking in great detail. Jono shows you how to find products that are about to launch, how to get video content for your ads and how to get better conversions by offering bonuses.

To follow this step, you will need to get a WordPress site with Thrive Architect installed. Jono shows you how to go about it for a few bucks. But additionally, you’ll need a domain and web hosting.

This video is mostly Jono setting up his bonus page with Thrive Architect. Jono really makes this video easy to understand and walks you through each step of the design layout with his over the shoulder video.

There is a product that he recommends that has over 40 done for you bonuses, which I recommend unless you’re creating your own.

It doesn’t matter what route you go. If you chose Commission Gorilla, then you don’t need to get Thrive Architect.

It is way easier to set up a bonus page in Commission Gorilla. The choice is yours. To make it a no brainer, Jono has his bonus template already made for you if you get Commission Gorilla, so there’s that peace of mind.

The third module “advanced” covers very advanced techniques. To be honest, I had to watch this module a couple of time just to recap.

Jono really drills down into YouTube ads and re-targeting. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, don’t worry, Jono is very clear and after you watch this module a couple of times you’ll get it.

The last video in The Eclipse Method is a conclusion video from Jono. This video is so genuine and heartfelt, just an amazing feel watching it. He really wants you to succeed.

The Eclipse Method Review Conclusion

When I saw the sales video I was thinking this course doesn’t seem that good.

Then I went through the training and was so blown away with the training. This is the best course I reviewed in the past 5 years.

It’s so well put together and clean cut, I’m so amazed. The info that Jono covers isn’t available anywhere else.

There is no one teach this.

My only concern is that members of Eclipse will get overwhelmed before they take action. It works, day in day out. You just need to follow the training and apply what you learned and stick with it.

I’ve always had a great deal of respect for Jono, but he really raised the stakes with The Eclipse Method.

Not blowing smoke, I’m really blown away.

I haven’t even covered the upsells!!! This course is the real deal!

Eclipse Review – Upsells Breakdown

Upgrade 1 ($197)“Done For You” You get campaigns to use for the next 365 days… at least 2 per week. These campaigns will consist of; Done-for-you review videos, done-for-you video ads, done for you bonus pages, done for you emails…. the complete package for all up-coming launches in 2019 & beyond.

Upgrade 2 ($197) – “Steal Our 3.8 Million List”. Put your tracking pixels on our Brendan and Jono’s sales pages and take advantage of hundreds of thousands of visitors. You get to keep all of the tracking data to use for your own promotions. This is as close as it gets to building a HUGE list overnight.

Upgrade 3 ($197)“1K Daily Hack” A complete DFY solution for you to use their video ads and targeting together with their own high ticket offer which pays out $1000 commissions per sale. All of the groundwork has been done leaving you to target and profit.

Upgrade 4 ($77) – “Eclipse Outsourcer” A collection of over 30 Monetizable channels that you can use to place your Eclipse system over. This will save you HOURS of manual work

Upgrade 5 ($167) – Licence Rights to sell “Eclipse” as your own product and keep all the cash!

Even the funnel looks good. I am rather really impressed with this course. For $16 it’s a steal of a deal.

I usually recommend what upsells to get and which ones to pass on, but I’ll leave that up to your own discretion.

Eclipse Bonuses Limited Offer

I want to provide something special. Jono teaches you how to get views and sales using paid ads. As an added bonuses when you get The Eclipse System through my link, I will through in some added bonuses showing you how to rank on Google and YouTube organically. In that scenario, everyone will be trying to steal your channel views. But you’ll have enough traffic to promote your offers.

I will also share my tips and tricks when it comes to list building. How to convert your readers into buyers.

Eclipse Bonuses - The Eclipse Method
Eclipse Bonuses – The Eclipse Method

Thank you for checking out my Eclipse Review and bonus page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

All bonuses will be provided via email. Just email me at mr stanp @ Subject Line Eclipse Bonuses with your receipt attached.


AI Affiliate Bots Review – A Done For You Business, 08 Jul 2019 13:43:40 +0000 Affiliate Bots Review and Bonus Page

Welcome to Stanford Pelage Reviews, I am your host, Stanford Pelage.

Today I will walk you through AI Affiliate Bot software and system to break down exactly what it is and how to make money using this software.

What is AI Affiliate Bots?

ai affiliate bots review
AI Affiliate Bot Review

AI Affiliate Bots is a software suite of 5 tools catered to making you money using the Amazon affiliate program and YouTube videos.

This has been done before, but what makes it different is the 5 tools that you get to help you accomplish creating this set and forget affiliate business.

Here is the breakdown of Affiliate Bots software suite;

  • Zen Niches Database 1 Click database pre-loaded with 100 Amazon niches (monthly searches, Cost Per Click  and average Amazon $ earnings)
  • Zen Affiliate Builder Instantly create Amazon reviews with built-in “article spinner” and drag and drop technology
  • Zen Feeder Constant FEED of the top-converting, high-commission Amazon products – updated daily for dozens of niches
  • Zen Video Creator CREATES AMAZON VIDEOS IN 1 CLICK for any product or niche in SECONDS (seriously – sign up for the demo!)
  • Zen e-commerce/Amazon Website Theme WordPress “Amazon product review” theme which auto-imports products and creates review pages in seconds!
  • Plus we have 3 “four-figure marketing” methods, which will “tie it all together” for customers

This is the main version of AI Affiliate Bot, I will also break down the otos and provide some awesome bonuses to help you succeed with your first Amazon site.

How Does AI Affiliate Bots Work?

AI Affiliate Bots Tools and Price Breakdown

AI Affiliate Bots Review
AI Affiliate Bot Review

Frontend version AI Affiliate Bot – Includes 5 software tools I listed above, with a 30-page quick start guide with HD in-depth training videos.

The Frontend price is $32 but you can get it for $16 with my coupon code MONDAY

Oto 1 AI Affiliate Bot Diamond $37

This just upgrades the limits of the software tools. For example, the Zen Video Creator Pro has an extra 30 professional animations.

Zen Affiliate Pro has 100 proven products that convert and actually make money.

You also get a powerful advanced video series.

Oto 2 AI AffiliateBot Done For You $67

You get to start off with 100s of done-for-you campaigns to take the guesswork of out getting started.

Oto3 AI Affiliate Bot Pro $27 Per Month

This upsell is a must-have in my opinion if you’re planning to give affiliate marketing a real go.

In this upsell you get access to 30 software tools from all the previous launches of the Titan brand.

Most importantly, you get tools for resell rights to help with bonuses. You get video training, affiliate marketing training, even website building software and so much more.

Oto 4 AI AffiliateBot Extreme $97

You get the Day Job Killer system which sold for $497. This system teaches you how to be an info product vendor, the raining includes 50 videos and 8 additional software tools.

AI Affiliate Bots Review Conclusion and Recommendations

Thank you for checking out my review and breakdown of AI Affiliate Bots.

In this section, I will give my recommendations on what you should get and what’s unnecessary.

To be completely honest, I usually advise people to avoid getting trapped in the sales funnel, but these products actually have some good offerings.

I would suggest that you upgrade to Diamond for the additional animations and the 100 pre-loaded products to help you get started sooner than later.

I’m a little iffy about the done-for-you campaigns. Judging from the software, the campaigns seem pretty easy to set up. But if you’re lazy like me, and need an extra push, by all means, get it. But I’d say pass.

Upsell 3 Affiliate Bot Pro, here’s the thing, if you are just getting started and don’t do affiliate marketing, then you might need or see the value here.

But if you plan on building a business aside from what AI Affiliate Bot training teach, then this upsell is for you. If you just want to stick to the training I would say pass. But check out the Titan brand of software tools and see for yourself if there is anything you like, as you 30 tools that are already established.

Upsell 4 Extreme Unless you’re a vendor or aspiring to be a digital product vendor, then this course is pointless. I purchased Day Job Killer a few years back when it was $497.

There are solid training videos in the members’ area, but unless you’re actually planning on building a product and selling it online, I say hard pass on this upsell.

When it comes to this sales funnel, I would say get upsell 1 and maybe upsell 2. I honestly don’t see any other value in upsell 3 and 4 unless you want to be a vendor.

I would say for now just focus on the training and getting a return on investment back from AI Affiliate Bots sooner than later.

AI Affiliate Bots Bonuses – Take The Bribe

So this is where I offer you bribes to buy through my affiliate link so I can earn a commission.

I hope my review was informative enough for you to make an educated buying decision.

To claim my bonuses, just email me at mr stanp @ just remove the spaces.

Send me an email with the Subject Line I BOUGHT AI AFFILIATE BOTS FROM YOU and I’ll have the bonuses to you in less than 24 hours.

Thank you for checking out my AI Affiliate Bonuses and review page.

My exclusive bonus will be to show you how to get your videos and website on the front page of Google again and again. I feel that’s better than a bunch of useless courses and wp plugins. Right?

Million Dollar YouTube Niches
50 Keywords with Millions of Views to Jumpstart Your Traffic
Done for you videos
Top converting Affiliate Videos Done For You
Video Blueprint_Guide
Perfect Training to Teach How To Leverage YouTube Ads to Profit
T-Shirt Blueprint _Guide
Teespring is Still Going Strong Step by Step Domination of this Forget Goldmine

SEO Rockstars 2019 – Buy Your Tickets Now!, 05 Jul 2019 23:19:28 +0000 Rockstars 2019 – Tickets On Sale Soon

Welcome to Stanford Pelage Reviews. My name is… Stanford Pelage and I’m the sole contributor on this blog.

If you are familiar with SEO then you have heard of Dori Friend or at least the event she puts on every year, SEO Rockstars.

I will be attending this year as of now, hopefully, all goes well and I don’t get caught up in personal matters.

Nonetheless, I will be purchasing the VIP ticket for sure. SEO Rockstars 2018 was an amazing event, there were so many great nuggets of info being dropped.

In my opinion, every speaker delivered an award-winning presentation.

I am extremely ecstatic about SEO Rockstars 2019 live event more than any other SEO conference in 2019.

One of my online mentors assured me that he will be there, so I will do everything I can to secure my VIP SEO Rockstars ticket and my seat at the big boys’ table.

The main reason I want to get a VIP ticket is that a day before the actual event if you are a VIP ticket holder, you get to chat it up with people like SEO legend Jeff Lenney, who I have been looking forward to meeting for several years now.

Unfortunately, there is always a scheduling conflict. Hopefully, that is not the case this year, I’d be crushed.

If you’ve never attended an SEO conference or internet marketing conference, scrape every penny you got together, this will change your life! I guarantee it!

There is nothing better than meeting your mentors or people that changed your life financially, nothing better.

I will be updating this page once the tickets go live!!!

I’ll see you soon. SEO Rockstars 2019 tickets on sale soon. I hope…

Buy SEO Rockstars VIP Tickets

Mobifirst Review – Why Google Hates Your Site Mon, 10 Jun 2019 20:21:13 +0000 Review

Welcome To My Mobifirst Review and Bonus Page Since Google Rolled Out Mobile First Indexing a Lot of Websites aren’t Ranking in the Top 10 of Google

Hi, my name is Stanford Pelage, in this Mobifirst Review, I will walk you through why you need to focus on building a website that also looks good on mobile devices and is responsive depending on the size of the device.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of Mobifirst. At this day and age, especially from Todd Gross, I was expecting a lot more.

To be honest, I feel like Mobifirst is lacking a lot of features and the commercial version should have more templates for $47. I don’t feel this product was ready to be released as is. But enough of the gloom, let’s get into what you get for your buck.

Mobifirst Review – What is It?

Mobifirst Review
Mobifirst Review

Mobifirst is a page builder that focuses on building responsive websites that look good on mobile devices and load fast. According to Techcrunch, Google will be indexing all new websites mobile first. What that means is that Google when Google discovers your new website, they will only focus on the mobile version when they index it in the search engine.

If your mobile version is non-existent or has issues like objects too close to each other, text too small or any other mobile issue that would cause a bad user experience, they won’t even bother with the full version or desktop version of your website.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a need for a product like this, I just personally feel like there should be more features and templates.

To be honest, Mobifirst isn’t all bad, it does fix one of the biggest problems with search rankings, page speed.

There’s a lot of debate if page speed is an actual “Google Ranking Factor” or not. This is how I feel about that… If your site loads slow your bounce rate will increase and your website ranking will decrease, the lower you rank on Google, the lower your ctr or click thru rate is. All equates to fewer visitors, so page speed is definitely important.

Think about it, when was the last time you waited for a web page to load for 10 seconds?

Mobifirst Funnel Breakdown – Upsells and Otos

Mobifirst Review
Mobifirst Review

If you’ve never purchased a product online before I hate to break it to you, but Mobifirst has an extended funnel. If you’re not familiar with what a funnel is, you can read more about it here.

Front End – You have 2 options
Price – Personal license $37
Price – Commercial license $47

The Personal License comes with 30 templates and the mobile and desktop site modules.
The difference between the 2 licenses is pretty straight forward. Personal is for sites your own and Commercial can be used for sites you own or client sites.

The Commercial License comes with 70+ Templates with the mobile and desktop module. With the Commercial License, you can sell sites to your clients.

Oto1 – Mobifirst Designer’s Template Club
Price – $67 one time or $12 a month for 1 year

10 premium templates and 10 brand new premium templates every month for the next 12 months.

Oto2 – Mobifirst Local Marketing Add On Pack
Price – $47 one time

This upsell gives you additional options catered to local site development. Local website templates for local businesses, call buttons and lead collection widgets, great for brick and mortar businesses.

Oto3 – Mobifirst Advanced University Training
Price – $67 one time

Silvio Porcellana provides live training on proper optimization and design of websites built with Mobifirst.
Includes 3 live 2-hour training sessions, replays are included for later reference.

Oto4 – Mobifirst SSL Certificates
1 SSL Certificate Installation per domain per year $30
3 SSL Certificate Installation will cover 3 domains per year $80

This is just an SSL certificate installed on your Mobifirst domains.

Mobifirst Review Conclusion – What Do You Actually Need?

There are a lot of pages builders out there, what separates Mobifirst from the others is the fact that they focus on site speed and mobile first indexing.

If this is something that you need, let me help you make an intelligent buying decision to save you time and money.

The Front End version you get depends on what you intend to do with Mobifirst. Personally, I would get the Commercial license as no other builders are focusing on site speed and mobile optimization. if you have clients you can change them at least a few hundred dollars to knock one of these sites out for them.

If you are just getting into local I would suggest using Mobifirst to build a FREE website as a selling point to acquire a client and then charge them monthly, and use this as a stepping stone to selling them other services in the near future.

That being said I would upgrade to the local package, which is oto 2. This will unlock a few more modules that will help you create better looking local websites. But only if you are in the local niche and have clients or intend to get clients. If you’re just looking to build mobile websites for personal use, then just get the personal license.

Oto1 which is the Template Club, completely depend on you as an individual. I am a creative and build websites al the time, I don’t need templates. But you might. If you are creative and can put your ideas on paper, then PASS ON OTO1 and save yourself $67.

If you’re a slow learner, then OTO3 Mobifirst Advanced University Training might be what you need to excel. Don’t feel any way about it, I’m a slow learner in some aspects as well, but when I stick to something I always get it.

Personally, I feel this should have been included with the Commercial License. If you can follow videos and replicate what you learn, pass on OTO3 Live Training.

OTO4 – Mobifirst SSL Certificates – I am not entirely sure how this works to be honest. My blog that you are currently reading has a FREE SSL Certificate from Letsencrypt. I can’t honestly tell you if there’s a way to add a FREE SSL Certificate on Mobifirst sites, but I’ll definitely keep looking into it. SO PASS ON THIS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Thank you for checking out my Mobifirst Review and I really hope you read it in entirety. I put a lot of thought and important tips to help you make the best buying decision possible depending on your current skill level and purpose for buying Mobifirst.

Mobifirst Bonuses Exclusive Through My Site

Mobifirst Bonus
Mobifirst Bonus

Here’s the moment of truth, when you buy through my link, I get a commission. So to persuade you in buying Mobifirst through my site, I’m giving away some exclusive bonuses.

Check out my bonus page here for the complete rundown.

Additionally, only if you get Mobifirst OTO2, I will help you rank your local client Mobifirst site on the top of Google. I do local SEO for clients on a daily basis and I actually know what I’m doing. I will look over 1 website of your choosing and help you make the necessary changes to increase your rankings and on-page optimization.

To claim this bonus, just buy through my link, and forward your receipt to my email address mrstanp @ just remove the spaces. Subject – Mobifirst – I Bought Through Your Link. Again, you have to get OTO2 in order to claim this exclusive bonus.

Exclusive Bonus Page

Mobifirst review and Bonus page

Arbitrage Alchemist Review [Video] Wed, 22 May 2019 20:13:08 +0000 Alchemist Review and Demo

This Is A Complete Review and Demo of Arbitrage Alchemist by Tom E.

Welcome to my Arbitrage Alchemist Review

What is Arbitrage Alchemist?

In a nutshell Arbitrage Alchemist is a software that helps you make money by arbitraging different online services. For example, let’s say that I’m looking for a logo and willing to pay $150 to have it designed. You then use Arbitrage Alchemist to find a logo designer that you can pay $25 to $50 to create the logo. In turn, you make $100 to $125 just for being the middle man. The beauty of Arbitrage Alchemist formerly Arbitrage Underdog is, the software helps you find sellers and buyers, so everything can be done from the software’s interface.

What’s New With Arbitrage Alchemist?

Arbitrage Alchemist Review
Arbitrage Alchemist Review

As I mentioned earlier, the software used to be called Arbitrage Underdog and was released in 5 different software builds or versions, with periodic updates between each version. In Arbitrage Alchemist, the interface was completely rebuilt along with the source for the marketplace. The Underdog version used Fiverr which is a hit or miss. The quality of gigs on Fiverr isn’t what it used to be. I was really glad to see this update.

With that being said, there is an option to create a Fiverr account in the Arbitrage Alchemist Pro version where you use that account to sell the same services you buy for a dollar for $10 or even $25 like clockwork.

That’s really arbitrage at it’s finest.

So as a bonus, when you buy Arbitrage Alchemist through my link, I will provide you with a few ways to dominate your competition on Fiverr, even other Alchemist users.

Arbitrage Alchemist Not So Good News

Unfortunately, it’s not all sprinkles and unicorn frosting. There are a few downsides. There are a lot of freelancers that rely on Fiverr and SEOclerk to make a full-time income. I have spent a lot of money on Fiverr and have a good idea of which gigs work, and which gigs have a high demand for manual work.

Just getting your gigs to rank on Fiverr is near impossible. As an added bonus, I will show exactly how to dominate your Fiverr competition in 3 weeks or less.

What does Arbitrage Alchemist cost?

FE: ARBITRAGE ALCHEMY ($27): The world’s most advanced, and popular arbitrage automation tool, now with dual profit function built in. Helps people make a full time living without doing any actual work.
OTO1: ARBITRAGE ALCHEMY PRO($37): All the features of the Front End product, plus: * Button A: Produces thousands of ‘profit connections’ instead of hundreds in a fraction of the time, allowing the user to make twice the profits a LOT faster.
* ‘Button B: Instantly produces thousands of results, vs the 45 daily results the FE produces, allowing for a massive increase in profits, and vastly larger opportunities to make more money.
OTO2: License Rights ($67. Allows anyone to sell Arbitrage Alchemy as their own product, keeping 100% of the commissions

Arbitrage Alchemist Bonus

Bonuses As Promised

  1. Exclusive YouTube Ranking Formula
  2. How To Rank Videos On Google
  3. How to Do Proper YouTube Competition
  4. How To Launch Jack Outside of the MMO Niche
  5. How To Get Custom Bonuses For Cheap
  6. How To Create Awesome Custom Bonus Pages
  7. How to Showcase Your Bonuses on The Sales Page
  8. How to Make Money With Your Mobile Phone in Your Very First Week
  9. How to Make Money on Fiverr
  10. Getting your Fiverr Gigs to Rank Well

Thank you for checking out my Arbitrage Alchemist Review and Demo. I hope I answered all of your questions. Remember to buy the software through my link to get my additional bonuses.

Commission Hero Review – Coaching Bonus To Boost Commissions Mon, 20 May 2019 01:37:54 +0000 Hero Review and Overview

Welcome to my Commission Hero Review and complete overview. My name is Stanford Pelage, I’m a full-time online marketer, to find out more about me read the top right sidebar.

Before I walk you through the course, I want you to take a look at my review criteria below. Then right under that, I will cover exactly what Commission Hero is, who it’s for and if you should take everything Robby Blanchard says at face value.

Commission Hero Review Income Proof
Commission Students Income Proof

Commission Hero Breakdown

Sales Page Hype
Product Creator
Startup Budget
Ease of Use
Quality of Training
Quality of Videos
Average Student Success
Real World Application
Refund Policy


After completely going through Commission Hero I came to the conclusion that all of Robby's Clickbank stats are real and he does make an average of $23,000 net profit a day from using Facebook marketing and Clickbank info products as an affiliate. He is also the #1 Clickbank affiliate marketer by gross profit, but not net profit.

Visit Sales Page

Here’s The God Honest Truth, I’m a Screw-Up

Stanford Pelage Goodwill
Stanford Pelage Goodwill As A Store Manager

I had some success online back in the day. One of my good friends offered me my dream job and I decided to take it. Got to be a store manager again making $65,000 a year. Decent income… kind of.

Anyway, I completely abandoned my online business and slowly but surely all of my niche sites expired at GoDaddy along with any trace of my online income. Yes. All of my online success disappeared.

Funny thing is this wasn’t too long ago, this was just 2015.

At this point, I was just living off of my salary, which quickly became a problem. If I’m being completely honest, I have a problem with money.

I’m very impulsive and if I want it I buy it without any thought. I also enjoyed drinking and would run up $130 tabs on a daily basis. This is extremely important to understand my mindset.

I have a family, wife and 2 kids, but was acting like a single college student.

Long story short, I got stressed out and decided to quit my job of guaranteed income to pursue online marketing yet again and rebuild my so-called empire.

That wasn’t my best idea and my wife continuously reminded me of it, while completely supporting me and giving me an allowance like one of her children. She even gave me gas money to pick up the kids from school. Still stings a bit thinking about it.

This was an extremely embarrassing time for me. I would constantly have to ask her for money so my websites hosting would be paid every month.

Was a stay at home dad by my own failures and was so depressed I even thought about begging for my old job back. But I quit in style and burnt those bridges and ruined that friendship with my friend.

Some of my biggest financial successes came from reviewing internet marketing training courses.

It wasn’t very long before I started making a few hundred bucks here and there, but never anything substantial. I would pretty much just review any product just to get a commission. Mostly did YouTube videos because it was the easiest to rank.

Then eventually I got frustrated from going through all these crap courses that promised riches, but the only person getting rich was the product creators. So how does this tie in with my Commission Hero?

Fast forward to now, the biggest change is I am no longer getting review copies or recommending products for a commission. I purchase the product, go through it thoroughly and implement what I learned into the real world.

It wasn’t until early 2017 that I started to see consistent results in affiliate marketing for the second time.

Real-World Application is extremely important to me. If there isn’t a way for you as an average person to generate income from Commission Hero, I wouldn’t waste my time promoting it.

I apologize for the long intro, but it was extremely important for me to be upfront and transparent with you. I see so many reviews that still remind me of my past self, you can see they’re just trying to make a buck.

I genuinely want to see people succeed, and I want to be a part of their success, part of your success.

It’s important that you know that I understand what it’s like to fail. It’s important that you understand that I didn’t see proper success until I started to be honest about what the product really was. It’s important to know that I truly have your best interest in mind.

I am one of the biggest screw-ups, I just am. Still bad with money and still impulsive, but I make enough now to cover my shortcomings.

If I could find success, I truly believe anyone can. You just have to find the right info and apply it.

Commission Hero Case Study – My Earnings

Commission Hero FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about Commission Hero
FAQs Answer
Product Name Commission Hero
Product Creator Robby Blanchard
Product Price $997
Launch Date March 24th, 2019
Budget Needed $100-$250
Refund Policy There is a 12 month Success Policy No Refund request under 12 months
Training Genre Affiliate Marketing using Facebook Ads for Traffic
Creator Credibility One of my Mentors Wesley Virgin credits Robby for helping him grow his company
Experience Level Intermediate to Advance. When it comes to paid traffic I always recommend some ad spend knowledge
Support I requested support and was contacted in 4 hours with a response

Who is Robby Blanchard and Can He Help You?

Being completely transparent, I’ve never heard of Robby before. First time I saw his name was about a few months ago. I’m not going to tell you Commission Hero changed my life and you should go buy it, because that’s not the case.

There I was scrolling Facebook watching stupid videos and out of nowhere an ad! But seriously, that’s how I heard about Robby Blanchard. Kind of lame right?

Anyway, I watched his ad and saw his claims about making $40,000 a day with Clickbank and I was a lot like you, very skeptical.

But, I was also intrigued. I decided I’d sign up to his live webinar and call him out on his bs. I was very disappointed when I got this live webinar. First of all, it wasn’t live at all. Just another marketer using Webinar Jam’s pre-recorded video platform.

Just so you know, Webinar Jam is a software that streams your already made videos to make it look like it’s live. But obviously, that’s not the case. This guy wasn’t giving me any reasons to trust him.

Nonetheless, I stayed and watch his pre-recorded video.

After about 15 minutes I found myself getting sucked in. One thing about Robby, he’s a smooth talker and understands the pressure points to make the sale.

As Robby started to share his Clickbank earnings, I watched very carefully as you can easily fake those screenshots. Unfortunately quite a few marketers do it to generate more sales.

As the fake webinar went on, I got more and more interested in what Robby had to offer. You can only fake the screenshots, however, you can’t fake a video. Robby actually refreshed the page a few times to prove that what my eyes saw was real.

But I just didn’t believe it. How can someone be the number 1 Clickbank affiliate in the world and not once have I heard about him by anyone? How? How could that be?

Still stunned in disbelief. I continued to watch the video to the very end. Now, as you may know, the majority of internet marketers use a free offer to bribe you with because they know a certain percentage of their traffic will convert to sales after watching the free training.

I did not. I was expecting an offer and it came and I decided to do some research, kind of like what you’re doing now. Good for you.

Here’s a video of his account from his phone. From my knowledge, this is impossible to fake.

Commission Hero – What’s Inside The Actual Course

From here on, I’ll just be walking you through Commission Hero members area and training material. I will share just enough to help you understand if this training is right for you or not.

Commission Hero Members Area
Commission Hero Members Area

buy now button commission hero review

This is the main menu for the complete member’s area training. I’ll try my best to cover ever tab without giving away too much. But again I will be as transparent as possible.

My biggest issue with Commission Hero is I’m cheap. I hate to spend money, especially in ads. If you’re like me and hate spending money on ads, then this course is definitely NOT for you.

If you can get over the ad spend portion, then you shouldn’t have an issue making $1,000 a day with this strategy.

Commission Hero Review Module Breakdown

Robby Blanchard Commission Hero Review
Robby Blanchard Course

Start Here

This is just the welcome video and a course overview.

Getting Started Videos

In this tab, Robby covers getting started with Affiliate Marketing, an overview of an ad account.

How to use Clickfunnels to create your landing pages because Facebook doesn’t like when you send traffic directly to sales pages.

How to use and navigate Clickbank. The account in this video is a pretty small account generating anywhere from $40 to $250 a day. Weekly earnings are less than $500 per week for this account.

The previous month he did over $6,000 in this Clickbank account which is impressive in itself. I love the walk thru of this video and his strategies to pick the right offer. Sorry, you’ll have to check that out in the member’s area.

In the last video in the getting started section, he covers an affiliate network that I knew nothing about. He has a campaign where he made over $400,000 from one product. Incredible! He goes over this marketplace in detail and compares it to Clickbank and some features that Clickbank does offer.

Robby also recommended a few products you can get started with right away.

Choosing The Right Offer

In this module, Robby walks you through finding the right offer and this time it’s a newer account that did over $600 the previous month. He walks you through setting up a brand new account.

In the next video, Robby walks you through picking an offer and navigating the affiliate pages for the ad demographics on Clickbank.

Robby introduces us to yet another platform that I will keep confidential. It pays out pretty quickly and the dashboard is very intuitive, and you get an account manager you can contact which helps you with what offers are converting and what’s not.

This is more of a CPA basis, just means it’s the cost per action rather than getting paid per sale.

Finding Your Ad Images

This step is very important as this is how you get people to click thru to your offers. The goal is a click thru rate or ctr of at least 8% or higher.

Robby shows another one of his Clickbank accounts. This one is a newer account that did a little over $3,000 as the worse week and $30,000 as the best week in sales. Very impressive.

Later on in the video, Robby shows his exact process for outsourcing the creation of his images and one of his favorite seller. I’ll keep this site confidential. Sorry.

Setting Up A Landing Page

The science behind using a landing page and presell page to take your audience from browsing mode to buyer mode.

Also, this step is extremely important in avoiding your Facebook account getting shut down.

As a bonus Robby provides all of his landing pages and quizzes, you have to have Clickfunnels to use them, but that’s an easy fix, get Clickfunnels.

Recently I reviewed software that is better than Clickfunnels, check out my Grove Pages review here.

Setting your domain with Clickfunnels complete walk thru.

I was shocked because he actually showed you several of the domains that he already purchased. I personally wouldn’t have.

The last video in this module is about setting up your affiliate link from Clickbank over at Clickfunnels. It’s a pretty easy process. He shows you the best places to put your affiliate links for click thru rate. Use tracking ids on Clickbank to track where the sales are coming from.

Setting Up Facebook

The first step is creating your business manager accounts.

It’s extremely imperative that you use a business manager account instead of a personal account. In the event that you use a personal account, it’s possible to lose your personal profile if your ad account is suspended.

Robby takes you through an in-depth setup process of your first Facebook ad and how to select your audience and creating a pixel. Very detailed video module.

You get an inside look at an ad account that he’s spent over $500,000 in. Really gives you an inside look.

Setting Up Facebook Pixel

Pretty simple process but there are a couple of videos in this module. How to set up your Facebook Pixel properly for tracking and following your audience as long as they’re logged into Facebook.

Tracking Your Campaign

How to track your campaign and landing pages for conversions.


How to scale up your business and campaigns.

Ninja Tactics

Confidential module. You have to sign up to see it.


All of his million dollar ad copy and landing pages, and then some.

How To Tech Area

Just a simple video to help with some technical aspects of using the bonuses

Help Me Robby

This is the final module. This is where you can get some 1 on 1 help from Robby. You can schedule a call with Robby for an hour. This will cost you. But if you’re in need and got the cash, go for it.

buy now button 2 commission hero review

Commission Hero Review Conclusion

That’s all folks. This concludes my review of Commission Hero and complete course overview. If you guys have any questions that I didn’t cover, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

So just to summarize, Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard is a high-end Facebook advertising course that targets products on Clickbank and similar platforms to sell on social media ads using Clickfunnels a landing page.

Once you have successful ads, Robby shows you how to scale pretty easily. The hardest part is setting up a profitable ad. The good news is Robby teaches you every step of the process step by step.

The only downside I see is the timeline to profitability. All that depends on you taking action and what offers you’ve selected.

Again, this course isn’t for everyone. But if you do choose to invest in this course, you have to take action.

If you’ve purchased a course before and never went through them, then please just avoid this course. Commission Hero is people that have a decent ad budget and won’t be discouraged by a few failed campaigns.

Now I really appreciate you checking out my review, you have all the information you need to make an educated using decision. Just remember… buying the course is the easy part. Actually implementing it and sticking with it will take time patience and a decent size budget. Anywhere from $50 a day and up.

The choice is yours.

Boomerang Buddy Review Mon, 22 Apr 2019 19:58:06 +0000 to My Boomerang Buddy Review

Boomerang Buddy Review by Jonos Armstrong

Full detailed review of Boomerang Buddy and massive bonuses.

Editor's Rating:

  • Vendor: Tom E, Jonos Armstrong & Brendan Mace
  • Product: Boomerang Buddy
  • Launch Date: 2019-Apr-19
  • Launch Time: 09:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Bonuses: YES, HUGE BONUSES
  • Refund Policy: YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Product Type: Software and Training
  • Support: Under 24 Response
  • Official Product Website:
  • Recommended: Highly Recommended
  • Skill Level Needed: Beginner to Advance

Demo Video of Boomerang Buddy

What is Boomerang Buddy

What’s Inside The Members Area of Boomerang Buddy

Full Boomerang Buddy Business Plan Walk-Thru

Buddy Boomerang Review

Thank you for checking out my Boomerang Buddy Review. Get it by clicking the button below.

Digital U Review Mon, 12 Nov 2018 15:02:47 +0000 U Review and Bonus

This is just a summary of what Digital U is and how Eben Pagan can help you make money online. Check out a review from my buddy David over at his blog.

Digital U Review

Digital U
Digital U Reviews

Check out Eben Pagan’s brand new course Digital U on how to create a course online. This system is straight forward. Digital U is 12 week webinar training session.

The bonuses David provides are pretty awesome. Checkout his full review at medium

Check out my newest view of Playboost overlays.