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Geocraft V2 Review The Best Business Directory WordPress Theme

Geocraft V2 Review WordPress Plugin

Welcome to our Review of Geocraft V2 WP Theme. We will cover all the ins and outs of Geocraft and why you need to get into local SEO if you haven’t tried it before. Don’t get all scared, it’s really easy, when you know how to do it right. The easiest way to do local seo is using business directory sites. It doesn’t matter if we can’t guarantee sales, we never can no matter what seo route we take. Let’s get straight to our Geocraft V2 Review.

Business Directory WordPress Theme

Aren’t Business Directories Spammy and Outdated?

Yes. But that’s none of our concern. There are a few sides to business directories, we’ll just be focusing on one side that is still effective from a business standpoint. The side of directories that doesn’t work so well anymore is using a business listing to get backlinks, that doesn’t work anymore.

What we’ll be doing is focusing more on 1 site that we own that has multiple businesses listed. So in essence we make money from getting clients more traffic for their local business. It’s really simple, relax. Geocraft V2 Review.

Geocraft Business Directory Theme Layout and Live Demo

As you can see, this theme is built with WordPress, made easy, clean and light on our website resources. I’ve tried local seo and local marketing before. Had several failures and a few successes. My success came from building local business websites and ranking the sites or videos on Google front page. It’s not as easy as it once was, but I’ll show you a few tricks as an added bonus when you get Geocraft Business Directory Theme through my link here: Click Here For Geocraft Theme

Geocraft V2 Business Directory WordPress Theme Bonuses

Here comes the bribe all dressed in white. Ha. Seriously, when you purchase Geocraft through my link, I will provide some must-have bonuses to help make it so much easier to get clients, build your local business and run off of word of mouth. These bonuses work great with Geocraft V2 and will change the way you look at business. All bonuses are delivered 3 weeks after purchase to avoid Fraud. DISCLAIMER: To be clear, I am an affiliate for the product creators of Geocraft and get compensated when you choose to buy through my link.

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Thank you for checking out my brief but to the point Geocraft V2 Review, have a good day.

geocraft business directory theme review

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