1 Page Commissions Review

1 Page Commissions Review

Welcome to my 1 Page Commissions Review. In this review, I will walk you through what 1 Page Commissions is and how to make money with it. Don't forget to claim my bonuses

1 Page Commissions Review – 1 Page Commissions is a brand new system by Andrew Darius, creator of Pay Dot Com. 1 Pages Commissions is an affiliate page app that builds sites with a few clicks to help you generate commissions. But is it any good?

1 Page Commissions Review
1 Page Commissions Review

Well… Personally I'm not a big fan. Don't get me wrong, it's a great idea if you buy traffic or do email marketing and then send the pages to your audience. Personally, I prefer to get traffic from Google and other search engines. I like SEO and that's where the majority of my traffic comes from. This app doesn't create original content, so you won't be able to use this app to generate traffic from Google. This 1 Page Commissions Review isn't pretty.

You'll instantly produce duplicate content and get slapped by Google. The good news, most likely if you're interested in any product with a spammy name like 1 Page Commissions, you're probably not good at SEO anyway.

Truthfully, I'm not endorsing this product. If you still want to get this app, then you either need an email list, paid traffic, or a pre-sell page that will bring in visitors and then forward them over to your page built with the 1-page app. To be clear, if you're planning to go the pre-sell page route, you'll have to be able to generate search engine traffic for the affiliate offer you're promoting.

For example, let's say you were promoting this product. In order to generate traffic, you would need to rank on the first page of Google using either a blog or video. Then you need to rank for 1 Page Commissions review or app review or bonus package or something along the lines of that. It's not hard, but this app is set up based on the fact that you already have a viable traffic source outside of Google.

1 Page Commissions Review and Demo

1 Page Commissions Review – Funnel Breakdown

Here's the funny part… this app is solely based on Andrew Darius Pay Dot Com platform ha ha ha. Why is that funny? Well… you're limited to the vendors that sell on Pay Dot Com.

Front end App gives you a turnkey review page for 27 evergreen top converting products. Obviously only on Pay Dot Com. It's $17

Upsell number 1 is 1-Page Commissions App Pro? Not entirely sure what this is and the difference between the front-end version and pro as they are the same price. The Pro version is also $17.

Upsell number 2 is 1*Page Commissions Club which is a set of opt-in pages for 27 products and new review and bonus pages for a year. Not entirely sure how many pages you get, but it's $24.95

Upsell number 3 is Resell Rights, 100% profit from the funnel. To be clear, for $39 after purchasing the other upsells, you'll get the resell rights to sell 1 Page Commissions as your own product including the Front end and upsells 1,2, and 3.

But wait! There's more…

Upsell number 4, 1-Page Commissions Editor – this is a funnel builder where you can import all of your 27 affiliate bonus pages from the front end to edit them. Ha ha ha! Geez. This should be part of the front end, but it's priced separately at $17-$27 per year.

Upsell number 5 is the pro version of the editor. You get additional features and double the number of templates for $67.

Wait! There's more!!!

Upsell number 6 is the final upsell, for now. 1 Page Commissions Editor Club. Tons of templates plus more new templates every month for $27 a month.

1 Page Commissions Review Final Thoughts

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is why I don't promote make money online offers anymore. It makes me so furious with all these upsells and trash products. There is some decent thought going into this application, but just decent.

I wouldn't personally buy this as it's really just limited to one marketplace.

How many launches have you seen using Pay Dot Com? Everyone that usually produces this quality of products is either on Warriorplus or Jvzoo.

The entire premise behind this product is to get more people to promote offers from the creator's own platform. Andrew Darius has done some amazing things as both an affiliate marketer and vendor. This isn't one of them.

I'm sure even after this you'll still want to go get One Page Commissions App and expect to make a ton of money promoting affiliate offers. Good luck. Check it out here if you chose to get it anyway https://bit.ly/1-page-commissions-bonus1

1 Page Commissions Bonuses

So… I already said I personally wouldn't purchase this product. But, I'm sure even after reading my 1 Page Commissions Review you're still intrigued. As an added bonus, I'll include a couple of videos showing you how to rank on page 1 of Google and make this application worth your time. If you already have an email list or you understand how to buy traffic, then this is great for you. If you want to go the SEO route, then my bonus will benefit you best. I would assume that you're familiar with affiliate marketing and how many other people are going to be promoting those 27 affiliate products. Your success really depends on your traffic source and the unique bonuses you provide. Good luck. 1 Page Commissions Review and Bonus page.

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