Amasuite 5 Review – Only Amazon Research Tool Needed

Amasuite 5 Review – Best Strategy To Succeed

Amasuite 5.0 ReviewWelcome to my Amasuite 5 Review and bonus page. Amasuite is a suite of Amazon software designed to save you a ton of time and money. This is one of the best Amazon Research Tools period.

To be clear, it doesn't matter if you're an Amazon seller or affiliate, this software works for both Amazon fba and affiliate business models. If you're truly interested in finding out more info about starting an Amazon fba business or being a successful Amazon seller, Jungle Scout has the perfect video for you.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page I have several Amasuite bonuses that will benefit you and help you generate commissions online. These bonuses are designed to compliment Amasuite 5 complete suite.

  • Creator: Dave Guindon & Chris Guthrie
  • Product: Amasuite 5
  • Price: $197
  • Refund: 30 Day Refund Policy
  • Bonuses: Massive Custom Bonus Package
  • Verdict: Highly Recommended
  • Sales Page:

Full Video Tour Of Amasuite 5 Softwares In Action


Hopefully, this helps you see just how powerful this software is. Amasuite 5 is broken down into 5 tools.

Amasuite 5 Review and App Breakdown

Ama Top Product Analyzer Software

top product analyzerThis software extracts the top 100 products from several important sections from Amazon. The sections are: Best Sellers, Top Rated, Hot New Releases, Movers and Shakers, Most Gifted, and Most Wished For. This software requires no input, the simple point-and-click interface makes it very easy to find profitable products in mere minutes! This new version includes all the bestseller categories built directly into the software! Watch the video below to learn how to effectively use the software to identify top-performing products you can promote and/or private label to sell on Amazon. Use this app to do proper Amazon fba product research properly.

Ama Keyword Generator Software

Ama Keyword GeneratorThis software extracts thousands of highly targeted and relevant keyword phrases from the Amazon search engine as well as eBay, Target, and Walmart. Simply enter your desired seed keyword phrase and the Amazon Keyword Generator software will return thousands of super-targeted keyword phrases you can use in your Amazon marketing efforts. Watch the videos to learn how to use the software to ramp up your Amazon sales.

Ama Search Analyzer Software

Ama Search Analyzer SoftwareThis software extracts detailed product information from the entire Amazon website. Simply enter your search phrase, select a category and the software will extract several products from Amazon revealing the important information required to select a top-performing amazon product. You also have the ability to analyze imported ASIN numbers or Amazon product links, as well as, optimize your results using price range, average customer rating, product discount percentage, and a lot more. Watch the video below to learn how to find top-performing products. The perfect Amazon Seller Research Tool. This goes well with a solid Amazon fba calculator to really get the data you need to succeed. Amasuite makes it a lot easier to be a successful Amazon seller.

Ama Review Analyzer Software

Ama Review Analyzer SoftwareThis software is used to quickly analyze Amazon reviews for any given product. Simply insert the product ASIN number or product link into the software and it will extract all the customer feedback into an easy-to-read data table. You can then rapidly search through the customer's comments to identify what is wrong with the product as well as what customers are loving about the product. Then you can use that information to outsource new profitable products to private label on Amazon.

In addition, you can use the built-in “Word Analyzer” to dig even deeper by uncovering the most repeated word phrases contained in all the reviews. This unique innovative approach saves you a MASSIVE amount of time trying to spot the problems and benefits from real customer experiences! Use this software and this method to quickly pump out hundreds of possible product ideas you can private label and sell on Amazon!

Ali Inspector Software

Ali Inspector SoftwareThis is a powerful 3-in-1 product research software that generates niche keywords, analyzes bestsellers, and uncovers top performing dropship products for your eCommerce store in just minutes.

Why No Other Software Compares to Amasuite 5

When it comes to comparing Amasuite 5 to other software there is only one that comes close. That would be Jungle Scout. To be completely honest, up until about version 3.0, Jungle Scout was a better software when it came to keyword gathering. Now Amasuite vs Jungle Scout, we have a clear winner. I do love the Jungle Scout web app and Chrome extension does give a few points to Jungle Scout. if you are interested, check out the Jungle Scout free trial offer. Jungle Scout Product Tracker is also very useful for new for sellers as well as new affiliates.

If you are strapped for cash starting out, then Jungle Scout is the least expensive. But Jungle Scout doesn't really deliver the type or quality of data that you need to succeed with Amazon. For instance, things like the Amazon fees calculator doesn't come standard.

I didn't want to give praise to the software as the greatest thing ever. Jungle Scout does have 1 thing I think is better. When it comes to Amazon seller's training courses, I would say Jungle Scout gets 4.2 stars vs Amasuite 5 3.9 stars, close but still more in-depth. CLICK HERE TO GET AMASUITE AND ALL BONUSES

I've used a few other Azon software in the past, but recently as of 2017-2018 I've only used Jungle Scout and Amasuite 5 for the reason I've listed above. Apart from Jungle Scout niche hunter, nothing else comes close with respect to the training of using the Amazon affiliate program and the tutorials to using the suite of tools Dave Guindon & Chris Guthrie created.

If you've ever tried to make money with affiliate marketing, chances are that you've heard of the Amazon affiliate program, or as they call it Amazon Associates.

Amazon has a very low commission rate compared to digital product marketplaces such as Clickbank and Jvzoo. For obvious reasons, the margin is a lot smaller on physical products. Not a lot of wiggle room to adjust the price.

Amazon does billions of dollars a year in sales and is one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world. Also known as Azon for short, the Amazon affiliate program pays anywhere from 4-15 percent commission per sale.

It doesn't really matter if you are an Azon affiliate or seller. This software is designed to help find and sell or promote the most profitable products with data directly from Amazon.

I've had this software since the 1.0 version. Every release comes with several updates. One of the only software and app suite that constantly updates with data you can trust.

So when they do any major updates or interface overhauls, they do whole number updates. For example, the last major update before Amasuite 5 was 4, and the next major update will Amasuite 6.

Keep in mind, they do updates regularly and don't hold you hostage where you have to buy the latest version, even though it's always recommended.

Version 5 included a brand new software that wasn't included in the 4.0 version. The Ali Inspector is a brand new addition to the suite family. As stated above it's used to research keyword and top sellers on Aliexpress.

Amasuite 5 Bonuses Special Offer

Here are a few bonuses to help you on your Azon journey.

AmaSync WordPress Plugin

amasync setThis software is a WordPress plugin used to pull product data from the Amazon API system to display affiliate products on your WordPress site. You can use the Ama Top Product Analyzer and Ama Search Analyzer to create a list of products you would like to promote on your WordPress site and save those products to an ASIN file, then simply import those products into the AmaSync plugin to quickly plug those products into your site. This software was designed to work hand-in-hand with the software.

Step By Step Guide To Amazon Profits

Imagine a step by step system that walks you through several traffic sources the makes Azon profits easy? Well as an added bonus when you purchase version 5 through my link, I will give you the proven strategy I use to make money online with Amazon Affiliate Program. No stress, no fuss, just results you can duplicate over and over again.

I would as like to inform you that when you purchase through my affiliate anywhere on this page, you get an in Amasuite 5 discount. How cool is that? Pretty cool right?

Amasuite Review Conclusion Extra Special Added Bonuses

Thank you for checking out my Amasuite 5 Review, helps and keeps me motivated. To claim your bonuses just message me on Facebook from the link on this page with a copy of your receipt and I'll get the bonuses over to you in 48 hours. CLICK HERE TO GET AMASUITE AND ALL BONUSES

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