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Welcome to My 7 Figure Cycle Review and Members Area Tour

7 Figure Cycle Review by Stan

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My name is Stan, I will personally walk you through my review of 7 Figure Cycle and the members area and everything this course have to offer. If you wish to know more about me or my internet marketing journey, you can do so here. Good News! Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton finally released 7-Figure Cycle today, it will be open for seven days only.

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This isn't a scarcity tactic, they really do shut down the sales page and start the training a week in. I would suggest if you are truly interested in e-commerce, that you take this time

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton Pictured Together now and gather all the information you need to make an educated buying decision. I am not in the business of putting anyone in debt nor would I encourage anyone to make a monetary commitment that wouldn't be in their best interest.

By now you know far more about your financial situation than I do, so do what's best for your family. If you've been buying products left and right online and not taking any action, I wouldn't recommend this course. If you want to succeed with ecom you have to put in the work. Yes it's a business in a box and ready to go but you still have to get your hands dirty. If it was really this easy, everyone would be doing it. The great news is Aidan and Steve won't allow you to fail if you take action, just don't buy access and not use it. You have to use it to succeed. Most importantly my bonuses will make this so darn easy that you'll be kicking yourself for not getting this 7 Figure Cycle through my link.

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Can we really make money implementing the lessons? Absolutely! Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton has made millions of dollars online individually and collectively. Both marketers are in the 2% of elite marketers. What does that mean for you? Aidan and Steve not only make a killing creating training materials that convert, but they also practice what they preach. You see, not only do they teach you how to make money using the exact blueprint that they use, it works again and again.

How To Pick Products To Sell On Amazon

Meat and Potatoes of a Successful Online 7 Figure Business

What I love most about this course is the whole business in a box approach. This is an in depth training course and a state of the art multi-use software suite. The product creators claim that every customer will get a product is guaranteed to sell. Big claim… Let's dig a little deeper so you can get a better understanding of exactly what you'll need to make this business work for you.

Good news! Here is a list of all the things that this system will help you bypass or skip ahead.

  • no paid ads
  • no product research or creation
  • 7 figure cycle review earningsno website needed?
  • no going bankrupt on product sourcing
  • no large investment after admission
  • no worrying about lost packages

What Did Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton Creat?

This course is a fast track Amazon wholesaler course, designed to eliminate failure and frustration. This system is succeeded by following the simple yet powerful 5 step process.

  1. Select a wholesaler from the massive USA based database
  2. Use the Profit Blaze software to find profitable products
  3. Acquire said product
  4. Forward product over to Amazon warehouse
  5. Make 50-60% profit margin by selling product in first 2 weeks

Wow! That wasn't so bad. Good now do it again and again. It's really that simple.

7 figure cycle review picture of earnings real student earnings

By the way Amazon is a powerhouse marketplace. How often does someone in your household shop on Amazon? How many other households across the United States have the eager Amazon shoppers with credit card in hand? Countless, final answer. It's no surprise that you can make money from Amazon just as easy as you spend money on Amazon.

What's most impressive about this course, is the fact that it is literally the only course of it's kind ever. There are a few similar course created by the same people so that doesn't count. Most importantly, you want and need that software, kind of the backbone of this system if you will.

Here is Aidan interviewing one of his students. Just an ordinary couple of guys. This is from 100k Factory Revolution, most recent product release from Aidan and Steve. I recommend that you watch the full video and get a better understanding who you're doing business with.

Thank you guys for checking out my blog post, by the time this product launches, I should have over 1,500 words for you to dig deep and get all of your questions answered.

Another Amazon Success Story

What Makes This System New and Cutting Edge?

The premise of this system is based on e-commerce. Ecom has been around forever. Just recently there was a big boom online where Shopify and Amazon became thousands of peoples new jobs. This is why this course is so amazing. As that's not enough, no Shopify or any similar platform or software needed. Everything you need is right inside the members area waiting for you.

Best of all the Profit Blaze software by itself is a remarkable tool, but the training the goes into this system is just unbelievable. I figured when this product was about to make it's debut it would be yet another ecommerce course. Wow. Typical it'll take months to get an ecom business up and running, you could be up and running in a day or 2 perhaps even sooner. Here's why…

The Brains of The System

We've briefly touched on Profit Blaze, the brain behind of this system, but after you watch the video below of Profit Blaze in action, you'll be blown away! Aidan and Steve have really pushed the boundaries here, and I love it. I was so honored that I had the privilege and time to get into the members area and do this very in depth 2018 review. Out of all products that teach you how to sell on Amazon, none of them have the Profit Blaze Software, so I guess you prefer not to look at millions of products manually. Right?

What is 7 Figure Cycle?

Thank you so much for trusting me to deliver a fair and to the point 7 Figure Cycle review and sharing my love of internet marketing with you. Now if you have purchased any of the 100k Factories including the last 100k Factory Revolution, you have a pretty good idea of the quality of course that you're getting. What I love most about Aidan and Steve, is they won't let you do business alone. You can always get round the clock support and assistance. I rather enjoyed all the live webinars from 100k Factory Ultra Edition, even though I had trouble logging in and finding the download materials. I can't speak highly enough about my pass experiences. I know you will feel the same, even if you're a brand new customer with Aidan and Steve or if you've been through any of the 100k Factory systems, you feel right at home.

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Why Ecom Why Amazon Why Online?

Those are all great questions. But before I gets too carried away, we'll do bite sizes. Ecom has ever-growing potential. The biggest problem with most people who struggle to make money in ecom, they have sourcing issues. Either the product doesn't convert well in America or it takes too long to get here. Imagine selling 150 fridge magnets. You get excited as you're really in business. Then 50% off your orders refund because 30 days to ship is too long. That's the beauty of this system, everything is in the U.S. and you have a software with access to millions of quality and tested products at your fingertips.

I would love to tell you that a garage packed with boxes won't happen, because that would be a lie. But… As soon as your shipment comes in, you package it and ship it to Amazon FBA the next day. FBA is short for Fulfillment By Amazon. You really can do business any easier than that. If you can, then I should probably be reading one of your 7 Figure Cycle reviews.

Just A Little More Motivation To Take Action “This is Real”

Quick Start Bonus Package Limited Offer

I really do love watching people change their way of life for their families and close friends. The information that's being offered inside of the members area is second to none and a steal of a deal by itself. As always I love to over deliver. So for everyone that gets this training system through my link, I will provide over $10,000 worth of exclusive bonuses. To be clear, these bonuses are unique to me and no one else can offer them. There are only 2 stipulations as these bonuses are brand new and unique to this ecom system and does compliment the course rather nicely.

  1. You have to purchase through my link. If you skip this step, then bonuses are voided
  2. Bonuses won't be delivered until after the refund period.

The main reasons for the conditions are simple. I am an affiliate and I get compensated when you purchase this system through my link. Because of that said compensation I am inclined to sweeten the deal and make it worth your wild getting this system.

7 figure cycle proof of earnings from student

Most importantly, the bonuses will be delivered. The delay is extremely important as it protects myself from fraud and dishonest people. Every time I promote high ticket items, I always delay my bonus delivery. My bonuses do have a price value because that is what they are worth, $2700 minimum. I've delivered bonuses before at the time of purchase for a $47 product and got burned by a refund. If you you chose to decline to do business with me, I understand but I have to protect myself and my family.  I spent several hours going putting my bonuses together to help you succeed, please respect the way I do business. Thank you for checking out my walk-thru, I'm so excited to get these bonuses over to you!

How To Claim Your Bonuses

That's pretty simple. Once the product goes live, I'll have a page set up so anyone that purchased through my link can simply email me their receipt on the day of purchase so I can track the refund period and send it over to you as soon as you qualify.

What's This Must-Have Bonus Package Anyway?

Quite a build up for some lame bonuses…

So I've put together what I feel is the most important bonuses for your success. I typically don't of these high value bonuses, nevertheless, these bonuses were created specifically for this ecom course.

  • Over $2500 in WordPress Plugins – You will never have to buy another plugin
  • Over $2500 in Ecom quick start guides
  • I will rank 1-2 YouTube videos for your e-com product or site
  • I will deliver traffic to your ecom website for 30 days non-stop
  • I will do a 30 minute e-com related coaching session via Skype
  • I will do a 15 minute Skype business consultation session
  • Help you get out of your own way – Most valuable bonus here

My bonuses are valued at over $10,000 especially since I charge a minimum of $3k for coaching. My time is extremely important. All I ask is that you respect my time don't waste it and I will do the same.

My Story How I Got Started Online

As you know my name is Stanford Pelage, I've been a t this for quite some time. I've struggled with internet marketing for several years. So if you're in the same boat, I've been there sinking with you. When I first started it was way back in 2005. I remember when I first saw my first sales video, I was so pumped up as I always looked for quick ways to make money. I've spent well near 100k failing online and got discouraged several times. But some how I've always came back to internet marketing. I've had a few sales here and there but never really started to make money until I started using YouTube videos.

Once I stopped trying to do search engine optimization and started focusing on video marketing, I became successful. This didn't happen until about 2008. I did some amazing things with video marketing, I even had clients hunting me down so I can work with them. I've coached 25 students and taught them how to rank videos fast and make them stick. Just like search engine optimization we have to stay focused and be patient. Some videos are fairly easy to rank and you don't have to do  much other than optimize the video on page seo. But I've personally developed a formula to rank videos in a very short time and get them to the number 1 position of Google.

Here's a look at a video I did just a few hours ago ranking number 3 and what's pretty cool is my student Jonas is ranking number 4. So you can clearly see that it can be duplicated.

Screenshot for 7FigureCycle Bonus

Here is another screenshot for another google search. Ranking number 1-4.

7 figure cycle review and bonus

Just to be clear that these aren't flukes, this is the norm for me. So I can definitely help you rank your Amazon products YouTube videos. here is one more screenshot. Ranking number 2 above 5 videos. King of YouTube.

Screenshot of Google rankings

Here's why this is extremely important… As one of the best video marketers that has done over 4k a day with just traffic from YouTube and YouTube only, I feel I could really help you succeed with e-commerce in record time. But wait there's more.

When you get inside this system and pick your product, I will help you rank 2 videos that were created for your product, professional videos obviously and start getting you a return on your investment in record time. I am the King of YouTube. This bonus alone will help you bring in revenue faster than any of other marketers that decides to jump on on board. My job is to make sure that you take action and I help you start making your first dollar in e-com. Are you interested?

Again, thank you for checking out my 2018 7 Figure Cycle Review, hope you enjoyed it.

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About Stanford Pelage

Hi my name is Stanford Pelage. I've been doing online marketing for several years. I've taught a few students how to make over 60k-100k a year by just applying what I've learned without having to work for anyone else. If you're interested in quitting your 9 to 5, please just reach out to me and and I'll recommend the next best steps based on your life experiences. Please don't hesitate to take action, that's why I struggled when I first started. Always take notes by category so you have a refresher to what you've learned. Stick with it. Find 1 thing and stick with it. Trust me. Shiny objects will send you bankrupt. Focus and keep learning then give back when you succeed.

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